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Subject: Re: [S-I] New CD Rom Londonderry databases
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 22:20:00 -0500
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Carolyn, The genealogical tour I was on in 1984, was mostly Northern
Ireland, but in actuality, we went around the entire outer edge of the
Island, with a side trip or two in towards the middle in places. We were
gone for 15 days, on a tour bus, and it was wonderful. There were soldiers
and barbed wire and security gates and a mile of "no man's land", and we
stayed at a motel that had been bombed 2 times already; but there were no
incidents, and the people were so friendly and nice. I cried when we left.
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Subject: Re: [S-I] New CD Rom Londonderry databases

> Linda
> Thanks for always explaining things so well : why receiving orders takes
> so
> long and costs so much and why my husband and i could never find a tour
> that included Northern Ireland--not that he minded --he was sure we'd be
> shot dead and I was sure we'd crash and burn with him driving on wrong
> side
> of road. Sad to say we'll never go now -he's been dead almost 6 years now.
> Carolyn
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>> Subject: Re: [S-I] New CD Rom Londonderry databases
>> Hi Robert (again),
>> It's always been very difficult for us to get materials here outside of
> Northern Ireland. It's extremely frustrating. I am not sure why, though I
> have personally studied the matter (having worked in marketing <grin>) and
> discussed it with people like Martin McCausland when meeting with him (He
> was running the Ulster Scots Agency at the time.). It had produced some
> wonderful Christmas cards with Ulster Scots greetings. Very nice, very
> tasteful...I wanted to steal a few boxes from him! I adored them. Making
> them globally available was somewhere on his to do list, but far down. Of
> course he like everyone else complained about how isolated they were and
> 'ignored' and so on...well, gee....yeh! Still no cards, that I've seen.
> And
> usually I hear about these things fast. If I haven't, there's no marketing
> being done.
>> I know the Ulster Historical Foundation regularly sends people over to
> speak at various genealogy groups on their services, but frankly, they
> still got no visibility. And there is no easy way to get their books,
> unlike Eneclann.
>> I once tried to hire them to do some work for me for a client. They
> didn't respond to my email for 2 months (I had hired someone else who sent
> results). The response, from a clerk, consisted of an email of their
> webpage. I was furious. They can't hire people who can respond effectively
> to email queries. I gave up on them.
>> However, getting back to my original rant, I don't know what the problem
> exactly is but it has proven to be very difficult to get money back to the
> Homeland for goods. Apparently all the Ferengii left in 1777..... A world
> market awaits you for about anything. I recall with delight some portraits
> of goats and chickens executed on shovels that I saw in
> Ballymoney....reminded me of my grandfather. Much nicer than the shamrock
> jewelry you can get anywhere (including here in Pittsburgh at the Irish
> export shop).
>> I think someone asked what it was we wanted to buy during one of the
> trips and I said "everything." It seemed to my jaundiced eyes that about
> anything you liked I'd like. Our tastes are very very similar. You could
> make a fortune off of us. This is not something our Irish cuzzins can do.
> they've been trying forever, but much of the Irish trinkets are foreign --
> they are not us. It's a different culture, but you, my boy, you are us.
>> And we want the CD but not for close to twice the price after a long long
> wait....
>> Northern Ireland is such a strange place. I recall the ranting from a B&B
> owner in Ballymena. The local tourist agency didn't even have a phone
> number. It was impossible to book a room through them. It had been this
> way
> for years. No one seemed to be able to make it work. Kind of like the
> tourist agency in total -- foisted off due to politics on the South, which
> ignored it for years and didn't book tours there at all.
>> Once I was flying over and thought I'd see if Aer Lingus had a flight. Of
> course they never flew to Northern Ireland and tried to talk me into
> landing at Shannon and taking a BUS to Belfast. I gotta tell you, after a
> trans oceanic flight, I do not feel like getting on a bus and rolling
> through the hills of Ireland (or anywhere else). With hourly flights from
> Heathrow to Belfast, that's how I go, and not on Aer Lingus. Now this is
> turning into a long rant, so I better stop....... Avoiding Shannon airport
> is important....I recall a flight to France (ex husband is French) via Aer
> Lingus (ex husband booked it ....maybe one reason he's an ex <grin>) ....5
> stops. 5 breakfasts (all bad that day) before we got to Paris.....Boston,
> Shannon, Dublin, London, Paris. Arrrg!!! Every one serving a bad
> breakfast.
> I should try it now: probably get no food at all......Then I've have
> something to complain about.....
>> Cheers!
>> Linda Merle
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