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Don't stop traveling because your husband isn't there to go with you. I am
sure you know someone who wouldf love to go to ireland (or anywhere).

Rick Steves has been doing Ireland tours for years and they all include
Northern Ireland. He also does great guidebooks if you travel on your own.
But you want a tour. We have been using his tours and books for 25 years
and have never been less than satisfied. Look here:

I have met two of his Ireland guides at events he puts on and one of them
is a native of Derry and sings amazingly. I suppose everyone in the
Seattle area knows Rick Steves' regular free travel events, but probably anyone
with a PBS station in their area has seen his travel videos. You could
probably get the Ireland one at the library or you can buy them from the

Look at the Ireland itinerary and you will see that you spend a fair part
of the time in the North (two nights in Derry) and the tour ends in Belfast
before a bus ride to Dublin. You could drop off the tour in Belfast and
spent more time there before going on to the Dublin airport (or
Belfast-Heathrow as mentioned before). Find a buddy to go with you. Email me off list
if you want more information about how a Rick Steves tour is special.

Oh, shoot, this is off-topic but I was just poking around the site and
noticed that his amazing convertible carry-on bags with wheels are on-sale 30%
off! If you need a new bag (or even if you don't, you should consider
this.) We went on a Rick Steves tour of Sicily last fall and then to Barcelona
and then on a cruise. 3- weeks in all and we took Everything in these
bags which our kids gave us for our birthdays. They gave us the packing cubes
too, and those are Wonderful. Take a look. HIGHLY recommended. It was
terrific to be able to carry them on because I really prefer to have my bags
go to the same place I am going.

Also "Ireland's Best Three-Week Trip by Car" :
He says: While this three-week itinerary is designed to be done by car,
most of it can be done by train and bus. We went from Dublin to Cork one
time by train with overnight stopovers at Wexford and Waterford, and that was
easy and relaxing. No experience with other train segments. But if you
haven't been before, do the tour. They give you so much information and fun,
and the food is wonderful.

Long-winded Ann from the Pacific NW

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Thanks for always explaining things so well : why receiving orders takes so
long and costs so much and why my husband and i could never find a tour
that included Northern Ireland--not that he minded --he was sure we'd be
shot dead and I was sure we'd crash and burn with him driving on wrong side
of road. Sad to say we'll never go now -he's been dead almost 6 years now.

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