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Subject: Re: [S-I] Owning Land
Date: Sun, 30 May 2010 00:10:36 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi David,

Perhaps he sent the money over and it was purchased for him by his uncle, who had already settled there. Not everyone in Ireland was a tenant farmer. There was a middle class of lawyers, doctors, merchants, ministers, etc. and they did get disposable tax. One way would be to inherit cash or a small property, which you could sell and send on to Canada to make sure you got a plot of land near your dear uncle or the other fellow in the village who left two years ago or your wife's brother.

Not having any idea of the amount of land purchased or the rate, can't tell if the guy was given a cash grant after the old master died for his lifetime of devoted service or was the second son of a prosperous merchant in Belfast. Again, perhaps his wife and children died. This happened a lot -- due to an epidemic the whole family is lost and you start over again. Only he didn't. Or he wasn't too practical and was duped by his brother who wanted to enlarge his farm all along and while his brother in Ireland was sure he'd recover and come over to Canada, the Canadian brother was pretty sure, due to letters from the neighbors, he'd be standing in front of St. Peter before long -- and so he was.

Linda Merle

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What is the basis for your theory that the land was purchased when
your POI [person of interest] was in Ireland? What township and what
district was the land in?

Where in Ireland was your POI?

I seriously doubt a "normal" person in Ireland could purchase land in
Canada in abstentia. However, the land barons [literally] in Ireland
probably could have purchased or been given large tracts that they
would then sell off.

Judy wrote:

At 12:26 PM -0600 5/29/10, wrote:
>The land was purchased in Ontario in 1839 from a private person? It
>consisted of 100 acres.? This individual died in Canada in 1858.?
>The land was willed to his brother.? In his will he lists no wife or
>children and is buried near his brother ALONE.? Almost everyone has
>this guy married with about 7 kids which I believe to be wrong.? So
>I am trying to prove all of this.

David N Young
San Diego, CA
researching Young, Norwood, Barrons, Smith, Pocock, Peacock, Moon

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