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From: "Ellie Dowling" <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Migration of 1718 group from Casco Bay to Northampton Co.,PA
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 23:16:11 -0400
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Thank you for sharing this, I printed it all out since I can't trust that I
will remember it all. This will help me on my wild McCleary hunt!!! Ellie

From: "Daniel Wilson" <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 1:17 PM
To: "Scotch-Irish Discussion List" <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Migration of 1718 group from Casco Bay to Northampton

> I too have been searching for some hard evidence of the migration from
> Casco Bay to Northampton Co., PA. I haven't read Collier's book, but
> I've seen a quote attributed to William Egle, former PA State Historian
> and prolific writer of PA history. I don't have the exact quote on hand
> but it was something in his attempt to explain the so-called "irish
> Settlement" which began at Mt. Bethel, PA not far from Easton, PA, and
> spread west to the Lehigh River around Allentown, PA. In his statement
> he mentions the difficult winter at Casco Bay and the migration to
> eastern PA. There is also an anecdote that the group got lost on the
> way, and thought they were settling in NY, so they named their
> settlement the "Hunter Settlement" supposedly in honor of the Governor
> of NY at the time. A contingent from the Hunter Settlement moved on to
> E. TN and settled around Greenville, Greene Co., TN ca. 1791, where they
> founded the Mt. Bethel Presbyterian church, named in remembrance of
> their former home in PA. If you want more specific information, let me
> know, and I'll dig out what I have.
> Dan Wilson
> From: "Ruth McLaughlin" <>
>>> Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 9:52 PM
>>> To: <>
>>> Subject: [S-I] a question about a possible Scotch-Irish migration from
>>> NH
>>> toPA in 1719
>> >>> Below is an excerpt about the 1718 arrival of "the 5 ships" to give
>> >>> the context. The bit of the excerpt that catches my attention is the
>> >>> last sentence beginning "The majority of the Scotts-Irish could not
>> >>> wait any longer...." Here's the paragraph:
>> >>>
>> >>> Elmer Roy Collier begins his book, Weir, Wear, and Ware, by saying,
>> >>> "The... families petitioned in 1718 to the Governor of New England to
>> >>> come to America...they arrived in Boston Harbor in 4 August 1718 but
>> >>> were forbidden to land by the intolerant Puritans. ...Sixteen
>> >>> families
>> >>> sailed to Casco Bay to claim a tract of land there but were frozen in
>> >>> the Bay by early winter weather?When the ice broke in the Spring they
>> >>> journeyed to Haverhill, Mass., where they heard of a fine tract of
>> >>> land about 15 miles northeast called Nutfield?James Gregg and Robert
>> >>> Weir sent a request to the Governor and Court, assembled at
>> >>> Portsmouth, New Hampshire, for a township ten miles square. The
>> >>> majority of the Scotts-Irish could not wait any longer and traveled
>> >>> overland to the Scotts-Irish settlement at the Forks of the Delaware
>> >>> (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)."
>> >>>
>> >>> Is anyone familiar with this 1719 movement of families from New
>> >>> Hampshire to PA, after the terrible winter in Casco Bay, ME? Who were
>> >>> they, why there in particular, how did they get there? I am familiar
>> >>> with the families who stayed and settled in Nutfield/Londonderry, NH
>> >>> and environs. The idea makes sense that others, perhaps within the
>> >>> same families, couldn't wait for the decision of Governor and Court,
>> >>> not wanting to endure another tough winter as yet unsettled, and
>> >>> moved
>> >>> on to PA, thus losing contact with siblings, cousins etc. in NH. But
>> >>> I
>> >>> am out of my depth on PA! So any insights or help would be much
>> >>> appreciated.
>> >>>
>> >>> Ruth
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