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From: "H. Nevin" <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] RP church in Wilkinsburg
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 08:52:22 -0500
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Googling just now, I came up with the obituary for one of my McKees who
was a trustee in the Wilkinsburg congregation at the time of his death
in 1893. It appeared in the Reformed and Covenanter newsletter. Most
copies of the newsletter, from 1864 to 1895 are in the online archives
of the RP Seminary <>;. Didn't
see anything specific to the congregation, but I also didn't go beyond
the first page of links.

Hugh Nevin

On Mar 9, 2010, at 5:27 PM, wrote:

> Hi Bill, I haven't googled recently so I can't tell you what there is
> on line for the RP church in Wilkinsburg.
> The RP Seminary library is just up the road apiece. I don't know what
> they got either since when I visited
> there last I hadn't revisited the will of my ancestor (collected by
> mother and sister) and as a result of a lot
> of learning, realized that the witness to the will was now known to
> me. I guess I should go back.
> Linda
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> Subject: Re: [S-I] Mitchell, Scotch/Irish New York to Michigan
> Howdy Linda,
> Just curious. Are there any accounts on line relating to the Reformed
> Presbyterian Church in Wilkinsburg. That's where my McKinneys ended up
> after
> selling their Braddocks Field farm to Andrew Carnegie for his steel
> works.
> Bill McKinney
> In Erie (which, yes, got precious little snow this year compared to
> last)

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