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From: "Donna Nichols" <>
Subject: [S-I] snow, maniacs, and all other sorts of things.
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 23:03:24 -0500

All our snowbirds...and full timers at the UU are Maniacs (yep, we call them that...and the nickname suits them.. :)

What is happening to a bunch of you is something we dealt with years ago..called 'Cabin Fever', so we can let you all ramble..and then your sanity will return when the snow goes away and you can get out, drive around, walk somewhere, and see something other than falling snow!!! Just think, we got snowed in and were without power for a week in the Smokies, a quarter mile hike DOWN to a road that no one could get through...melted snow for drinking and flushing (Guess how much snow it takes to flush a toilet twice a day..melting it on a woodburner in a bucket), cooking inside the woodburner, having a waterbed that became we moved two trundle bed mattresses into the living room in front of the woodburner and the greyhound curled up between us.. and then getting out and discovering our woodpile was running short (it was Friday the 13th of March when the blizzard hit). My freezer was on the carport, so I had to OPEN the door of the freezer to keep things frozen! We lived above Pigeon Forge, TN..and all the power poles were down across our only way out!


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