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Subject: Re: [S-I] Zotero Group created
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 01:28:49 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Ann,

Once you have downloaded zotero, the most important thing is to remember when you are researching to add any good sources to Zotero.

Then reading the directions on how to use it will make a little more sense:

I'm stuck syncing. Once my database is uploaded I can add it to the group project and we'll have some information. Apparently the first time can take a while -- and it is!

Zotero knows certain websites, like google books, so if you are viewing such a site it puts an icon up beside the URL in your browser. Clicking on it will add the name of the book, author, source, etc, to Zotero. You can add notes, you can save a copy of the website or download a PDF and connect it to the entry.

Not the most exciting stuff on the planet, but it lets you find the source again a lot easier than if you use, say, browser bookmarks for this kind of thing. Plus it'll do a lot more, but to understand that, add a source to Zotero and fiddle around, and read some of the documentation. It didn't really sink in for me till I had some stuff in it, so that's why I say add something.

For example this is a long URL going to the books google page for Roulston's book "Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors".

I click on the little blue icon at the top by the URL (to the right) and it adds it to Zotero.

I searched for muster list Donegal, and found this:

I add it to Zotero and it saves the whole page. I can open Zotero and view the page -- even if someone removes it from the Internet later on.


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Subject: Re: [S-I] Zotero Group created

Nancy said: Hi Linda,
Thanks for setting up the SI Zotero Group.
I have registered at Zotero,
and subscribed to the library contents feed today.

How do you do that?
What happens if you do that?

Linda, could you slow down just a bit in describing what you are doing. I
think more of us could keep up and contribute if we get a bit more of a
step-by-step description of what to do for a while until we learn this.

It looks like a great project and you have 7 members already!

Ann Lamb

PS, Don't forget to plant your peas tomorrow. It's Washington's birthday.

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