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Subject: Re: [S-I] Surving McCormicks in the Glenns
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 21:21:09 -0500
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Hello Colin
RE: ..."This (McCormick) family played with the McDonnell's,..."

I have an Esther McCormick who married Henry John McDonald shortly after he
arrived in Canada, from Dublin area of Ireland about 1823.
Would that count as "played with" ?
Keith Ronald McDonald,
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada ... (no snow here in Niagara penninsula yet)
Researching McDonald, McCormick, Parker, Lees, Dudley, Paige,
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Subject: [S-I] Surving McCormicks in the Glenns

My quick reply (see below) has turned into a book to be written. Linda- if
McCormicks is your pursuit then Volume 24 of the Ordnance Survey appears to
be a start. Pages 64 to 71 have a ton on the original McCormicks including
their 1560 fight with the English. "DUNCAN McCormick of Dunmacalter...
built in 1555 the...abbey called Bonamargy..grant was obtained in 1512..."
"Abbots of Bangor" manuscript" pg.66. This is in County Antrim, parish
Culfeightrin and one English mile east of the town of Ballycastle.
This family was part of the group of Scots Catholics who came from
Scotland in the 1500's to north Antrim from Portrush to Ballycastle etc.
settled that land. They fought off the English and stayed. Apparently by
1700, many had become Presbyterian like my surname family McDuffee/McAfee.
OS clearly marks the original family as Catholic, led by Phelimy-na-Mocht
or Felix McCormick who went to Rome to petition for the original abbey.
family played with the McDonnell's, who some falsely claim built the Abbey.
McCormicks are buried at the original abbey and the modern (1838)
Catholic Church graveyard. The Ramoan church west of Ballycastle (said to
built on site of an original Catholic Church) has McCormicks.

Finally- to make it a wrap. In OS vol.22, pg.96-97, and old sexton tells
the writer (1831) about the Irish Families O'CAHAN'S, O'DOUGHERTY'S AND
MCCORMICKS who are buried there, all without tombstones but loos stones at
feet and head. An ARTHUR McCormick is living in 1831 near the Kiltinney-
Upper and Lower Bogs.
Was also a Scots clan McCormick in the Glenns at that time. Does anyone
know if they survived??
Colin- McCormick Ruling Elders in 1703-1708 at Carnmoney & Ballyclare,
Antrim; also Portaferry & Clough, County Down.

The Paxtang Church in Chester County, PA may have the Hugh McCormick R.E.
of Portaferry, County Down named above.
Circa 1838 per Ordnance Survey SAMUEL McCormick has a farm in
Ballyhenry, parish Carnmoney. vol.2 pg. 101. On pg. 76 it says McCormick's
buried in the Carnmoney churchyard. Apparently, presbytery meetings were
in Ballyclare back in 1670's for this location.

I think it's time to go to the hotel since there is no way to get any
serious pain killers for my back (squinched over all day) and without pain
killers, I'm done.....

Linda Merle (absentee list admin)

Rats. If I didn't have to work on the ambulance tonight, I'd be heading for
a "Hot Toddy" myself :) We expect snow tomorrow, but Linda I think it is
only the east side and south into Delaware, northern Virginia.

Colin Brooks
The 1718 Project.

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