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Subject: [S-I] Admin Posts administrative email to list!
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 16:01:59 +0000 (UTC)
In-Reply-To: <>

Hi folks, pardon for the prior email......though perhaps it'll help you out one of these days..... Realizing the person was on the list still (and so his/her post went to us all instead of just me) and that he/her email to the list went to the list (instead of just me) apparently didn't 'sink in' too deeply, causing me to commit the faux pas of posting admin emails to the list. Mea culpa....Gee...well, that's it for my Latin (and French).

I had to deal with this problem with another site than AOL when I left a California ISP and moved (twice), having them forward email to my current Comcast email. Over the eons a lot of spam got sent on, causing comcast to decide the ISP was a spam site (so all Comcast customers stopped getting all email from itl). Wow, was THAT a mess. The ISP was not happy to have all the email coming from them to comcast blocked because of ME.... They were all pretty mad. It took a long time to figure out the problem (me). So they then allowed me to log onto my old account and to unsub from all the things I was subbed to from it (and spam all the spam so it quit going to comcast). Then they killed my account (and it's a good thing I was 2000 miles away or maybe I'd have ended up with at least a few broken fingers). And I had to find a page at Comcast where you entered the names of sites you had inadvertently id'ed as spammers. Happens a lot. Then the ISP called off the dogs, the helicopters went away, the death threats stopped coming so frequently, and I was a happy camper again.

AOL (or an AOL user) has often gotten rootsweb listed as a spam site because it sends out large volumes of info. Some ISPs have 'bots' that automatically list sites sending huge amounts of email as spammers. Other times it's a user who does it accidently. 200% of the time you don't know. However Rootsweb has spent many hours (ie money) trying to re-convince AOL that it is (still) not a spammer. There are many reasons why AOL stock has taken the big plunge and that users are fleeing it. This is one of them: monolithic, hard to communicate with. The other is the nasty stuff it does to your computer -- otherwise known as the client (or victim).

You can tell I don't like AOL......... It also impedes learning. I recall my mother, once an AOL victim, who didn't know she was using a browser when she was using a browser. You couldn't help her because she hadn't learned the right computer terms. You couldn't even say "Start up your browser" (on the phone, when performing the new mandatory parental maintenance task -- free computer support -- now required of all children, even if they are 60.)

If only I had thought to film a horrible three week family experience we had that involved the entire family, entitled "Grandma's Computer Gets a Nasty Virus [because she wasn't running any virus protection]". Grandma got a broadband line (replacing dialup)......She was asked by everyone if she had a virus protection program running, but she didn't know what that was, and instead of saying "what's that?" she said "Yes, of course!" Don't do this! Your children will never forget or forgive. It may soon be on the list as an early sign of Alzheimers too and cause you to automatically subjected to testing that a 20 year old can't pass (things like what day is it? Uhhhh.....What is 9x9? Who knows? Are we still in 6th grade? That's when we had to know that). If it does happen, take the computer to Staples or one of those places that fix these things. The cost is cheap compared with what it'll do to your family members...... And if you do this without telling The Children, hey, they won't know know about you for a while yet <grin>.

Hopefully our lister will resolve the problem with AOL before he/she does get unsubbed by rootsweb due to the errors coming back from AOL and he/she is back to square one. Only then the email request will only come to me. It's good to learn to deal with these problems since one does get removed from lists due to errors and have to resub.

Hope you AOLers are reading this,

Linda Merle (Bad rule breaking List Admin sitting in corner, tail between her legs...oops, that's the dog's tail she's sitting on....)

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