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Subject: Re: [S-I] Bingo with the DAR
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2009 09:24:19 -0500
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subscribe, please. i mistakenly spammed an S-I email.

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Subject: [S-I] Bingo with the DAR

Hi folks,

Well for once I struck the big dong personally! One of my ancestor's lineages is
in the DAR and not flagged (as bogus). I was (of course) sure that the man in
New York was the same as my ancestor in PA, but proving it is another matter.
Possibly someone has, or, when they look at the lineage, the DAR will flag it. I
guess I can order the paper work and check it out. My sister's mother in law
wants her to join the DAR. (Family is English: Frisbee)

My ancestor is Frances Beatty of Newburgh area, New York, who later settled on
the northern bank of the Allegheny in western Pennsylvania. His children
intermarried with the descendents of the brother of the Rev. John Black (first
Reformed Presbyterian minister to settle in the Pittsburgh area). Frances is a
nephew of an early RP missionary in the area. They came from Ulster in 1729.

Anyway, I hate mentioning this surname as it inevitably brings about a flock of
emails informing me of several Beatty projects. Yes, I know about those projects
and I am not interested in joining them so don't send missionaries. My
connection is on the female line and I got no Y DNA to donate either. Everything
I know about them I found out myself (have been accused of 'stealing'
information from Beatty projects I am not a member even with my
secret Brain Wave Vacuuming System, I just know a little about genealogy....)

Anyone have ancestral lines that seem to have strange group personalities -- or
tails or quills like porcipines? I got two that are worse but they are not
Scotch Irish......Ask me about "Uncle Adolph" sometime. EEEEeeeeek!!!!!!! [Runs
screaming from room]

Now to don my armour and retire to my bunker -- to review my Newburgh Notes, of

Linda Merle

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