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From: "Karen" <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Alas, Identity Theft is off topic.....
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 16:53:25 -0400
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Wonderful clear helpful information. Thank you so much Linda.
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Subject: Re: [S-I] Alas, Identity Theft is off topic.....

> Hi Karen,
> OPR -- Old Parish Registers or Old Paraochial Registers (etc). A common
> abreviation found in Scottish genealogy. Like in Ireland, we say "Have you
> checked Griffiths?" And the person says "Whaaaatttt?" If you don't know
> what these things are its a sign that you need to do some study to be able
> to genealogy effectively in these locales.
> We'll have to construct flash cards with these.
> The website is here: . The documentation is really
> really bare bones. He needs some help writing it. It seems to install
> itself on Windows as a real program (ie it shows up as an installed
> program).
> Scientists have been studying how you learn best. Apparently there is an
> interval at which if the data is re-presented to you, you will learn it
> faster. And there's a point where if you don't review it you will forget
> it. (I learned this yesterday). This software operates like a stack of
> flashcards. If you miss one, you stick it in towards the front to it comes
> up quickly. This works for me. This software keeps track of what cards you
> miss and which you haven't reviewed recently (and need to before you
> forget it).
> When it launches, you can select "Add a card" and you can then add the
> front and back of the card. One side would be OPR and on the other
> "Scottish old parochial (or parish, whatever) Registers (or
> Records...whatever). You can add some more. Then you click on Learn. It
> presents side 1.You try to supply side 2 (in your mind). You then display
> it. If you knew it you can click on the button that you knew it. If not,
> you click on no. If you knew the card it gets put on a 'learned' stack.
> Eventually it'll be represented as it 'times out'. If you didn't know it,
> it'll be represented to you soon.
> It also lets you import information. I did use another program called
> Megacrammer which made you type in the answer. If it was long, you had to
> get it exactly right. A pain. This tool lets you paraphrase the answer and
> you decide if you know the info. Megacrammer's import program is really
> touchy. This one's worked right the first time.
> As I had my info to learn in a table in Open Office (no more expensive
> Microsoft software for me), it was easy to put it in tab delimited format
> because I had commas. I have done a fair amount of importing and exporting
> in my time -- SQL, genealogy software, Access, etc -- so this was so
> unbelievably easy after some nightmares I've!!!! To me that's
> the road test: can you import into the software without a Phd and
> painkillers.
> You can twiddle with the size of font to make the text bigger .....
> Preferences.
> You can attach images to the cards too and create flashcards for your
> grandchildren.
> What amazed me is as I was reading through the PDF file with the
> commentary I am trying to learn, I thought "Oh, this stuff is easy, I know
> this" but when I tested myself....hey, I couldn't get the answers right.
> Duh.....So, I didn't know this stuff. And that has been my problem .... I
> think I know the material, but I don't. I stil have managed to get a
> decent grade, but I have a hard time motivating myself to study because I
> think I know it. I spent a few hours fiddling with a large set of
> flashcards I created yesterday....getting immediate feedback about what I
> did and didn't know...and you get to see at the top...hey, I learned a
> third of the material...this ain't so bad...I'm making progress....Also
> motivating. More so than my usual huge stack of flashcards that never gets
> any smaller because I just go round and round....and I never get to the
> rear because I keep sticking the unlearned ones up front... Here the pile
> you are learning gets smaller as you learn. I need that!
> .
> You can customize it to present learned cards in different sequences and
> also to present the back sides or random sides.
> Linda
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> Sent: Monday, September 21, 2009 9:16:39 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
> Subject: Re: [S-I] Alas, Identity Theft is off topic.....
> Linda, what's an "OPR?" And please let us know if you like the results of
> your flash card approach to learning, and if you do, what is the software
> so
> we can get it? Thanks,
> Karen
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> Sent: Sunday, September 20, 2009 6:10 PM
> Subject: [S-I] Alas, Identity Theft is off topic.....
>> Hi folks, lets try to not jump on board the identity theft thread
>> inadvertently started here. Condolences.
>> It's perfectly legal to charge people for stuff they can get for free
>> elsewhere. The Scottish government has been dong that for some years now
>> with OPRs at
>> .
>> Slowly (very slowly) others have learned from them too.
>> I don't think that the original thread is off topic (paying for the Irish
>> records you can get free)'s genealogy and its about Ireland....of
>> course it could devolve into a nice rant-fest.
>> I'm not sure I can take it. My delete finger is swelling and hurting from
>> deleting rants on a couple DNA genealogy lists I'm on. Family Tree DNA
>> Changed Things. This is always a bad idea. Apparently it didn't go
>> well....this is the usual thing. I worked in the software industry. So
>> now
>> there's a rant fest.....
>> For myself I spent the day installing a new tool that creates flash cards
>> (I was about to say "Adult Flash cards" when I realized that might not
>> convey the kind of card I had in mind....Oh well.....).
>> Apparently someone has figured out if you repeated
>> info you are trying to memorize at certain intervals you learn it faster.
>> As I am spending this wee small portion of my horrible summer learning
>> the
>> undergraduate information for the on-line masters program I'm in ....I
>> need something like this. It's working out great, I think. Well, unless I
>> learn tomorrow I forgot everything I "learned" today.
>> Linda Merle SI Administrator
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