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Subject: Re: [S-I] Non-Scotch Irish Presbyterians
Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 18:15:48 EDT

My dear friend Edward in a Presbyterian minister and we rarely agree on

The Wikipedia article on Waldesians states: "Today, the Waldesian Church
is included in the Alliance of Reformed Churches of the Presbyterian Order."

Edward is an informed church historian and I do not dispute his statements
of facts.

I am a literary historian and I report on what people believe at a certain
time and what they perceive as the truth. Facts and perceived truth are
not necessarily the same. There is a congregation in Glasgow, St. Columba's
Presbyterian Church, and similarly a church with the same name in London.
These congregants perceive Columba as the missionary who converted the Pics
in the Highlands to Christianity and as a precursor father of Scottish

Columba was forced into exile to Iona in part for basically converting a
manuscript psalter to his own purposes. I guess this is like removing a
library book without signing the checkout card.

Back to Donegal ... Columba was born in Donegal and educated in the 580s
in Ireland. He is the patron saint of Derry and a Catholic church is in
place there in honor of him.

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