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Subject: Re: [S-I] Another Reburial Question
Date: Wed, 9 Sep 2009 12:11:03 +0100
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A community of 250 souls would have needed 2 Presbyterian Churches so that
there was one that they did not go to. ;-)

The whole essence of tracing Presbyterians is understanding that there have
been a history of splits and reunions since the days of the Reformation.
While I know something about the history in Scotland and a wee bit about
what happened in Ireland all I know is that in America not only were the
theological and social reasons for the various splits carried over from
Europe, but in America there was also a division about slavery.
It is all quite complicated

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> In 1914 the Associate Presbyterian Church in Cowansville, Armstrong
> County
> burned. The name of the church was Rich Hill, named after the community
> in Armah. The cemetery fell into disuse.
> Philip Cowan, a descendent of John Cowan, the pioneer settler, had his
> parents and grandparents reburied in the Presbyterian Church in
> Kittanning,
> Armstrong County. Philip was an elder in the Kittanning church.
> Most families in Cowansville just let their Associate Presbyterian
> ancestors lie and switched to the United Presbyterian Church's graveyard
> for
> burials.
> I can't figure out why a crossroad community of 250 souls needed two
> Presbyterian churches anyhow.
> My cousin is outraged about reburials. Aren't the dead supposed to rest
> in peace? Doesn't the county have to authorize removal of the remains to
> another location? Philip would have removed John's remains if he could
> have,
> but too many descendents objected. He may have been allowed to remove
> his
> parent's graves because of a road widening project.
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