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From: Judy <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Salt Lake City
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 14:46:13 -0700 (PDT)
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Hi Linda,
When I was in SLC, waaaaaaaaaay back, we stayed in a B & B within walking distance of the library.  I check on line, but couldn't find the one we stayed at, although there are many.  They seem a little more pricey than we paid, though.  Sounds like you've got a few good leads.  Enjoy your trip.  It's a beautiful area to visit.
Judy, in NC


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Subject: [S-I] Salt Lake City
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Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009, 4:05 PM

Hi folks,

I've done a lot of research using LDS materials, largely by ordering film and at the second largest library, Los Angeles (called Santa Monica). Now planning to go to Salt Lake this fall to do research to do some Irish research.

Anyone know of a cheap place to stay close to the library? I prefer to not have to rent a car.

Haha! Nobody noticed I was gone the week before last....I was on a retreat in Van Etten, New York (near Ithaca). Highlights of the trip: saw large dead blackbear on I80 going home. Hitting a bear has gotta be far worse than running into a deer. Air conditioning in car didn't work.....after paying $$$ to have it 'flushed'!!! Food too good. Need fat farm next time.

Returning home, discovered I am related to the cleaning lady in my dad's independent living apartment (he's 86....). Long lost descendent of my maternal grandfather's brother. This is on the Anderson side of the family.

We descend from one of the Johns who settled in Westmoreland Co, PA about 1785, though my line moved to Butler Co and then down to Sprindale area of Allegheny, where the whole hill was infested with Andersons in my great grandfather's day. Supposedly recruited by the Chambers brothers on a return trip to County Antrim with I think it was Dixon (of Mason and Dixon fame) -- or Mason....I researched it but forget what I found!) who was visiting to view an eclipse off the coast of Donegal -- which actually happened, so the oral history is probably correct. Big, redheaded Andersons, once Covenanters (or just red necked and kinda mean), with a musical gene and usually carpenters. This suggests they're related to the Andersons that built Bushmills..... As soon as I catch a cousin, I'll have his DNA tested....but they run so fast!!! I hope none are on this list...... They also like to shoot bears, but I don't think they got that dead bear on I80....I think it
was a truck because the!
re were no crumpled up cars next to it.

Linda Merle (List admin when not on retreat overeating)

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