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From: "William McKinney" <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Scotch Irish List and a word of advice
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 21:40:08 -0400
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I'm so sorry for your loss. When my mother died some years back, it
was also in June. She was buried on my birthday.
It's tough to lose a loved one, in so many ways, including the
amount of work it takes to get their affairs in order (and that's not meant
to be as cold as it sounds -- just a fact).
There are better days ahead. Count on it!
BTW, in no way do we consider you an "Evil List Admin." You just
don't put up with crap, and you shouldn't.

Take care and be strong,
Bill in Erie

Subject: [S-I] Scotch Irish List and a word of advice

> Hi folks, if you are receiving this email, you are still subscribed to the

> Scotch Irish list. It is in the summer doldrums. It goes there every year.

> People then wonder if they were unsubscribed (by the Evil List Admin or
> flying saucers or the government). If you are reading this, no evil force
> has attacked you (yet).
> I am busy breaking up my parents' home, with one brother (the other two
> are in deep doo doo <grin>). I am covered in dust and freak out when I go
> into a store -- stuff! Not stuff! Eeeek!!! Stuff!!! My dad is now is
> independent living -- my mother passed away in June. Since her death we
> have been trying to contact my cousin, the daughter of her only remaining
> sister (out of eight). They talked often. My aunt is in her nineties and
> has alzheimers and lives with my cousin.
> Problem number 1 -- my mother was also 'losing it' and her address book
> was a mess. All the phone numbers for my cousin, with whom my aunt lived,
> were 20 years old It didn't seem my aunt had died and they moved as my
> aunt is not in the SSI (social security death index). My mother spoke to
> them maybe a month before she died. There were other phone numbers missing

> as well. Advice number 1 -- keep up your address book while you still can.

> Mine is a mess too! If I died...geez.....whadda mess. I vow to clean up my

> address book this summer so no one says: "After she got hit by that bus we

> had to try to phone her friends with her address book but you couldn't
> tell which phone numbers were current or even which friends.....she must
> have been going senile too."
> It was really bothering to FIND my cousin! Ancestry, a good
> place to find living people, didn't have any good numbers for her.
> Googling didn't work. Etc, etc, etc, etc. Just old stuff that was out of
> date.
> Today I joined to search there free. I had to id who is

> in my household. I got a number for my cuz and phoned. It's a good number!

> I made contact! I noticed that she was a member of white pages -- that's
> how they got the names of who was in the household. Why did this matter?
> Would you believe that the phone number was still listed in my uncle's
> name, and he's been dead since 1999??? They never changed it to my
> cousin's name. I never thought to search for the phone number of a guy
> dead ten years! Duh. I bet the number is in my mother's address book next
> to my uncle's name (scratched out indicating 'dead'). So don't leave your
> phone numbers in the name of the don't know who might be
> looking for you.
> Due to the economy no one's buying antiques so none of the dealers are
> buying. Largely they're going out of business around here. Won't even
> answer the phone.
> Hope your summer is going better than mine.
> Linda Merle (Evil List Admin)
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