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Subject: Re: [S-I] Annual Directory of "Merchant Vessels of the UnitedStates...: (including Yachts)"?
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009 15:14:31 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Dave, have you read ??

>Any leads or tips would be most appreciated.

This is a research project. Unless you luck out and find someone on this or anthoer list who has done it and so is an expert on American merchant vessels of this period, you'll need to do one of two things: Find a professional research proficient in this period or learn how to do it yourself.

Don't hire anyone -- you'll get charged for their learning curve.

Whether you do that or not you need to consult a book like "The Source" (you can get on CD, etc, at Ancestry) to get the overview of this. What I have learned in two minutes is that some are published. Some info may be here: I
I donno, weird site!
You always google these but I don't know if you have or haven't so possibly my post will only bore you with what you already know.

I'd spend a lot of time googling, hoping a book was published and it is out of copyright and possibly at google books.

It doesn't appear the Feds have microfilmed these records, but I didn't really read the information. Not my period. If it is not microfilmed, y ou need to hire someone to go to the archives and check the records. This involves a search to identify where they are. They are obviously in DC but it is possible that regional archives, like the one in Mass, has copies. Or even that there is some kind of copy in the Boston Library. Google BOston Library catalog and see what turns up in their catalog.

I also didn't check LDS but if this was my search I would.

You should also check around at rootsweb for a list specializing in Massachusetts -- 20th century timeframe (not a list full of people droning on about 1649.......), US or Mass maritime records.

Anyway that's what I'd do, starting with The Source because the whole answer might be there. I am dashing out but will check when I return.

The point is that the answer to many of the questions we have isn't known by anyone accessible to us. So we must learn to not give up if we ask about it and no one knows the answer. If that happens, do the research. Often what helps is a standard book like "The Source" that explains how to do researchi n that country. No doubt the reference books on the USA are in short supply in South Africa! You can also ask on this and other lists if anyone can tell you what this book says.

Also wikepedia has an article with bibliography that includes

And googling I found

You don't order this book for $85. You check on line catalogs of local libraries (universities are good) for a copy as well as worldcat.

You google for it. Maybe its at google books. Has happened.......

To learn if it was published, try the catalog of the Library of Congress....I'm dashing, google and you'll find it right away.

Linda Merle

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