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From: "Charles O'Neill" <>
Subject: [S-I] Visit to PRONI
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 10:12:20 -0400

I'm off to PRONI for the first time (and probably only time) in May.
I've visited their web site and read up on what to expect and ran
through their "Do's and Don'ts" rules. I've also noted that they are
getting ready for their move to new quarters next year, so some
collections may not be available.

I wonder if anyone who visits PRONI regularly (Linda- perhaps you can
help here) might have any of their own personal insights or tips they
could offer.

I also wonder just how much material they have that is not available
from the LDS Family History Library. I hate to waste my time searching
though records that I could do at home.

I am currently running through an LDS film of Baptisms. Marriages, and
Funerals for the parish of Dromore - and - thanks to finding a lead on
the Emerald Ancestors website - have been finding some of my missing
relatives. Emerald Ancestors (, the UHF search
site, and a few other Ireland-based genealogy sites offer a lot, but
it's like feeding a slot machine to search their records - it gets to be
VERY expensive very quickly. I figured if I needed to spend that kind
of money, I might as well hop over from the States myself. And.. I will
get to see my ancestors townland. I've been to Ireland before, but
never knew precisely where my O'Neill ancestors were from in Co. Down.
I now know - townland of Balleny just south of Dromore.

Another area I'd love some input on is finding someplace I could could
see etchings, sketches, paintings, etc. of that area of County Down in
the early 1800s (too bad photography wasn't around then). Someone here
suggested starting in the Banbridge Library. Sounds like a good idea -
but does anyone have any further suggestions? I'll pay a visit to the
Ulster Museum in Belfast while there).

I'll be in Down for a week - 3 days in PRONI, 1 day at the Ulster Museum
and sightseeing in Belfast, and a few days south of Belfast around
Banbridge and Dromore. I may also run over to Pomeroy in County Tyrone
to say hello to a fellow O'Neill who've I matched up pretty closely via
a DNA test. My O'Neills, according to family lore (family lore is,
however, often lousy) were from Tyrone before Down.

Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

Charles O'Neill

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