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Subject: Re: [S-I] History Channel Show on Irish Immigration to US
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 10:58:16 -0700
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One of my husband's Quaker ancestors, Isaac Hasket(t) was listed in an
earlier edition of the DAR Patriot Index. I was a bit puzzled by the
apparent inconsistency of a fighting Quaker, but discovered that family
records credited him with nursing sick Union soldiers in his home (they
weren't wounded, but had some infectious disease). When the DAR tightened
their documentation rules he was removed from the list. The record of his
service probably existed only in undocumented family genealogies. Quite a
number of formerly accepted Patriots were dropped due to lack of official
documentation. It doesn't necessarily mean they didn't actually perform the
service, just that official documentation was lacking. If anyone can come up
with some, they can be reinstated. (Members who joined under their names
were "grandfathered in", but their daughters & nieces can no longer join
using that Patriot.)

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>I didn't see the show, Donna, but I know that the Scotch-Irish got involved
> during the Revolution to a greater degree than the Germans and English as
> a
> result of many early Germans being Mennonites and Church of the Brethren
> and
> many English being Quakers. Although SOME from these religious groups
> fought in
> the war and rendered some other non-combative services to the Patriots --
> most were of a pacifist nature (non-associators) and did not fight. The
> Scotch-Irish seemed to love to fight.
> I've read that the early Scotch-Irish settlers invited to PA by PENN
> annoyed
> him after they got there because they were not as "peaceable" as the
> Germans
> and English settlers. <g>
> My guess is that the potato famine Irish who arrived ten to twenty years
> before the Civil War took up arms in that war because they were poor and
> didn't
> have another way to make some money during the war years--plus they, like
> the
> Scotch-Irish before them, didn't have any religious qualms about bearing
> arms.
> Joan
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> writes:
> How many of you happen to see the show on the History Channel? If you
> didn't, you might want to tune in when they show it again. It is a
> two-hour show,
> and does a large segment on the Ulster Irish and the immigration. Also
> gives an interesting slant on the term Scotch-Irish. It also talks about
> the
> disproportionate numbers of Irish immigrants who were involved in the
> Revolution and in the Civil War and WHY.
> Donna
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