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Subject: Re: [S-I] Emigration from Ireland to Canada
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 16:19:26 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Karolyn, yes, apparently many did set sail for Canada due to its being a cheaper destination. It is closer to Europe which is why. In colonial days too there were not passenger boats. People took ship on returning cargo ships whose destinations were determined by where they were next picking up cargo. They were small ships. They would land at many small ports rather than large, like now. Or they didn't dock at all. They'd pause and weigh anchor off shore and wait while boatloads of people (and/or cargo) was rowed out to them or unloaded and rowed to shore.

So they might stop at 10 places on the coast of Ireland, a few along Scotland, then stock up on food and water and head off to the New World, hoping to hit it before food and water ran out. At the mercy of the winds and currents, they sometimes intended for Boston but hit land in Canada or somewhere else. The northern coast of what is now the USA is not rich in ports -- its rocky in New England, but the Chesapeake Bay was heaven. Apparently almost every plantation had a port where ships came to pick up tobacco, etc. Apparently too, according to Dobson, there were many Scots involved in the trade with these English colonies (before the early 1700s, I think it was and the act of Union between England and Scotland). Being illegally there, you don't find them in records, unless they got caught. Lots of illegal trading too by Scots ships. So we may have to resort to a Ouija board to find out how the ancestor got here because he might not tell even if you 'channeled' him !!

One of the half brothers of an ancestor of mine, from Swatragh, Derry, on his return trip in the early 1800s after taking his mom home to Ireland to die, was headed for western Pennsylvania where the family had bought land including himself. However he landed in New Brunswick. He got a room at the hotel and there he met an Irish girl who was waiting tables. Apparently she was the only Irish girl in the town at the time (hard to believe this.. maybe only good looking Protestant Irish girl who wasn't quarentined due to fever) Her family had all drowned in a shipwreck on the crossing. SHe was the only surviver. He asked her to marry her. She asked for I think it was a week to make up her mind! But in the end she said yes. Then they got married and went to western PA where the family was quite surprised. A descendent wrote a poem about this. If you search for NORRIS you'll find it in the archives of the list. I think it was John Norris.

....yup, found it! Nice poem. Worth reading again.

Linda Merle

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My ggrandfather, John McBride, and his wife emigrated from Ireland 1820-1822 and landed at Quebec, Canada, then moved to Albany, NY where John worked on the construction of the Erie Canal. (this information from his obit)
I had heard or read someplace that many people sailed to Canada because it was less expensive than to America.

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