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From: Marlene Creech <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Researcher recommendation
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 17:55:23 -0500
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Dear Linda:
Ii haven't had the pleasure of corresponding with you for a while.
Since I hit all my surnames, it takes bit to get back to one line.
However, I too, am glad you are still doing your thing. Nothing like
someone you can have a few giggles with. I've been like this
all my life. One of the members of my church one Sunday told me,
"Marlene, you are crazy, but we love you.." That is good isn't it?
Gee<, I hope so.

On Jan 30, 2009, at 2:29 PM, William McKinney wrote:

> Tell us how you really feel about this, illegitimate fella. You
> are a
> hoot, Linda, and I'm so glad you're still administering this list.
> Don't
> know where we'd be without you. Hope you're enjoying winter; Erie is
> now
> officially the second snowiest city in the continental U.S. this year.
> Only
> one place -- up in Michigan -- has us beat, and most of us are hoping
> to
> overtake those mopes. Shows you how Erieites think of snow -- we love
> records.
> Bill McKinney
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> Subject: Re: [S-I] Researcher recommendation
> Hi Sharon,
> I hope you let the lady know you are about. Robert gets really busy so
> it's
> not so awful. Me, I have some hideous work. It involves the Stewart
> Estate
> records which are in the National Archives. They're not indexed, of
> course,
> and hand written. We're looking for any mention of McCamish. Not fun
> stuff.
> estates/na
> t-lib.html . We got a list of townlands (thank God) where they lived.
> Through Linde Lunney I got the name of a guy who works with her. This
> was in
> early November. I told the fella we needed it done fast (in a month).
> He was
> grouchy and unfriendly and then never responded. Finally I email him
> this
> week and he's been too busy to do it. This guy is lucky he's not within
> reach or I think I'd box his ears. What a bastard. So now I'm stuck.
> Robert's doing some research in PRONI for us. There might be more
> stuff,
> depending on if anything is found that we can follow upon. They lived
> in SI
> Tyrone, preferably Dungannon barony, though some were in adjoing areas
> of
> Derry. There's a few parishes that are in two counties of course.
> Migrated
> down the Bann (most likely) in the 1600s as these are Dunseverick
> O'Cathains
> from the DNA.
> Linda Merle
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