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Subject: Re: [S-I] Zotero
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 20:08:57 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Marsha, yes, apparently zotero only works with foxfire. Foxfire downloads a lot faster than IE and has less risk of viruses, etc. Since I switched to it I've had less problems. However, if I google for research plugin Internet explorer, I find -- and more.

These things have some kinda 'database' (you gotta back it up or lose it all in your next disk crash) where they store the info, ideally in a schema like bibtex so you can export and import it easily and fast. You can also get plugins to Word, Openoffice so that when you have a footnote, you pop it up and select the document and the format (MLA, etc) and it formats the entry and puts it into the document. You can also export to a document a bibliography -- properly formated. If you have spend a lot of time formatting bibliographies and footnotes manually, you recognise this.

Plus, frankly, the bookmark thing is too simplistic. I got a zillion but can't find any of it. I can now 'bookmark' things in Zotero with one keystroke -- and search easily as welll as add tags, etc, to organize it in various ways. So if I am working on a project (finding some ancestor), as I google, I can quickly add sites and sources to my zotero database and later export as a bibliography. No more copy and paste, copy and paste.

Apparently all the grad students are using tools like this. Some universities have adopted zotero as a standard.

There's also cb2bib, but the jury is out on it's usefulness to me:

Once you get it into bibtex format you have some flexibility about what to do with it next...For now I'll stick with populating my zotero database with google book entries.

I explored a free tool I found Webtex to take comma delimited stuff and import it into bibtex but my 'stuff' would need so much manual formatting it seems less work to just leave it in Word for now. I gave up....Plus I would have lost data because the bibtex templates that I found didn't support all the stuff I needed -- like film number fields for LDS sources. I could have stuffed it all in the notes field, I suppose. At this point I got rather irritated.

Linda Merle

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Subject: [S-I] Zotero

Hey, Linda, can you please explain Zotero. I looked at the site. Can
you only use this if you use foxfire as your browser? Marsha
On Jan 25, 2009, at 11:32 AM, wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I just got a free copy of these ....
> Zotero recognized the website. One click and I got this saved.
> Many entries such as an enrollment by grant by Ellen de Watford, dau
> of Eustace, knight, to Sarah de Burneby, her sister. Also such items
> as " Abstract of Antrim Inquisition, 3 .James I., Bankruptcy
> Records, 1857-1872; Early Plea Rolls to 5l"Edward III. Index to the
> Act or Grant Books ". 3 James I is the third year of James I's reign.
> Linda Merle
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