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From: "Betty" <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Family of IRWIN
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 10:17:57 -0500
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Hi Dave,

I'm about to get away from my computer for the morning, so I'll just mention
a few things.

My HUTCHINSON ancestors were in Winchester, MA from 1600's to early 1900's
(most before Winchester became town). They had a very large farm
bordering on Arlington (which also had not yet become a town with that
name). The farm eventually became 2 adjoining farms on both sides of a
street. And it was the late 1800's when the families became "land rich
and money poor." When the couple on the one side died (my ancestors)
around 1890's, their adult son and daughter sold off that farm -- to an
IRWIN family.

I did a little investigating last year, and it seems 2 IRWIN brothers from
Arlington moved to Winchester; one buying that farm, and one buying a small
piece of the farm across the street. Both had large families so around
the very early 1900's there were lots of IRWIN kids running around that

My parents moved into the other farmhouse in the 1940's, which had been
inherited by my great-grandmother. And, in the 1940's I played with 2? of
the IRWIN grandchildren.

I posted tidbits of the IRWIN family information on either the MA List or
the MAMiddle List last fall.

Betty (near Lowell, MA)

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Subject: [S-I] Family of IRWIN

Anyone researching family of IRWIN, originally from Londonderry, Ireland?

Kind regards

Dave Mitchell
Cape Town
South Africa

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