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Subject: Re: [S-I] Scots in Ulster
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2009 19:11:04 -0500
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And in the same line of thinking: Does anyone know how I might find how my
ancestors traveled from Ulster (Co. Armagh) to Ontario, Canada?
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Subject: Re: [S-I] Scots in Ulster

After some reflection I decided to send the following question to the
Ancestryireland site. It seems to be very misleading to completely ignore
the migration to America that includes Canadian provinces, and a disservice
to those who might be cut of from the lines of research through lack of

I have raised the question before, but not recently. To those who have heard
it, I apologise and thank you for your patience. I hope you see that I am
trying to help. We can always find information about the US but if others do
not know about Canada, then they may miss where their families originated or

The question:

I went to your site this morning at the suggestion of Rick McMaster and
while it is full of wonderful information, I have to ask why you exclude a
very sizeable proportion of Ulster Scots who came to Canada? Many of my
forbears arrived in the late 18th and th early 19 centuries and settled so
much of New Brunswick Canada that the province was almost called New Ireland
when formed in 1784, instead of the politically chosen "New Brunswick".
There are major Ulster Scots settlements in Canada, some of which are linked
to US family migrations, but others not.

Can you not be more clear that travelling to "America" was not just the
United States? It would also be more helpful to people who only search US
lists for information about their ancestors. Many both came directly to
Canada or sailed to the US ports and made their way north.

I want to support the site and subscribe but feel kind of unwelcome.

Beverley Clarkson
The question:

On Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 9:10 AM, Beverley Clarkson

> Thanks for this information.
> just a correction- the site is
> Beverley
> On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 9:18 PM, <> wrote:
>> Scots in Ulster: valuable guide to our heritage
>> _www.ulsterscotsagency.com_ (
>> by Billy Kennedy
>> A highly innovative, deeply informative and superbly designed Surname
>> Map
>> and Pocket History on the Scots in Ulster (the first Scottish Migrations
>> to
>> Ulster 1606-1641) has just been produced, with an initial 15,000 copies
>> made
>> available to the public.
>> The Surname Map and Pocket History has been published by the
>> Ulster-Scots
>> Agency and the Ulster Historical Foundation and is sponsored by Tourism
>> Ireland.
>> It acts as a valuable guide to those involved in genealogical and
>> historical
>> work on the 17th century Scottish Plantation and 18th century migration
>> to
>> America.
>> Hundreds of surnames appear, taken from the lists of first families who
>> made
>> the short sea journey from Lowland Scotland across to Ulster from 1608
>> in
>> the movement initiated by Sir Hugh Montgomery and James Hamilton.
>> The sepia-coloured document, complete with detailed maps and
>> illustrations,
>> depicts celebrated Ulster landmarks like Derry's Walls, Monea Castle (Co
>> Fermanagh), Rathmullan Church (Co Donegal), Dunluce Castle (Co Antrim),
>> Springhill (Co Londonderry) and Killyleagh Castle (Co Down).
>> It was compiled by William J. Roulston, an Ulster-Scots Agency Board
>> member
>> and Ulster Historical Foundation official, and designed by Mark
>> Thompson,
>> Chairman of the Ulster-Scots Agency.
>> The storyline in the Surname Map and Pocket History traces the
>> Plantation
>> of
>> Ulster; the Presbyterian religion of the settlers; the 1641 Rebellion;
>> the
>> Cromwellian and Restoration periods; the Williamite Wars in Ulster; the
>> early
>> 18th century settlements in Ulster; Presbyterianism in the 18th century;
>> Emigration to Colonial America; and popular protest - the 1798 Rebellion
>> and the
>> Act of Union, with an insight into what life was like in the Ulster of
>> 200-300 years ago.
>> There is even a section on the whiskey-making tradition, centering on
>> the
>> Old Bushmills Distillery in North Antrim.
>> "This is a highly commendable historical, cultural and genealogical work
>> which will greatly assist in proclaiming to a wider audience the
>> absorbing story
>> of the Ulster-Scots diaspora, from Scotland to north-east Ireland and
>> thence
>> to the American colonies," said George Patton, Chief Executive of the
>> Ulster-Scots Agency.
>> • Copies of the Surname Map and Pocket History are available from the
>> Ulster-Scots Agency at 68-72, Great Victoria Street, Belfast BT2 2BB.
>> Those
>> interested can also
>> **************Stay up-to-date on the latest news - from fashion trends to
>> celebrity break-ups and everything in between.
>> (
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