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Subject: Re: [S-I] Whiskey galore
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 10:14:56 EDT

Seth Duncan was a shopkeeper in York County PA. There are some interesting
bits in the Pennsylvania Gazette about him, a robbery of his store, his going
to New York City to bring back runaway indentured servants who escaped again
on the road, etc.


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Hi Nanette, My ex's Duncans came from Donegal. Before that they were in
Queens Ferry, Scotland, right near Edinburgh.

Some info here:
""Thomas Duncan and His Six Sons" by Kate D. Smith (copy of pages from Wayne
R. Johnson 8/2/93)
Pg.97-99: ... Letter from John G. Ford. "713 Walnut Street, Philadelphia,
Feb. 15, 1896. My dear Madam: ...
In regard to the history of the Duncan family I am only familiar with the
genealogy of the descendants of Seth Duncan who emigrated from the county of
Donegal, Ireland, to Pennsylvania, about year 1750 and first settled in
Octorara Township in Lancaster County. A few years later he moved to York, Penna,
and from there to Abbotstown in York, now Adams County. Seth was the son of
James Duncan whose father, Duncan (we have no record of his Christian name),
came from Queen's Ferry, opposite Edinburgh, on the Firth of Forth, to Donegal
County in Ireland.
James Duncan, the father, remained in Donegal with his daughter Martha, but
Seth came to America with his two brothers. The latter went further into the
interior, while Seth remained until his death, in the early part of the
century, at Abbotstown. My grand-father, William Duncan, is the son of Adam Seth
Enos Duncan who was the son of Seth by the second wife. My mother Mary Ann was
the second child of William Duncan (the first having died in infancy). She
married Athanasius Ford of Maryland, grandson of an Athanasius Ford who was
for several sessions a member of the Annapolis-Maryland Convention, held before
the Declaration of Independence. I was the second child of Athanasius and
Mary Ann Ford and am now the surviving executor of my grandfather William
Duncan's estate, and thus have been able to keep a record of the descendants of
Seth Duncan. ....:

Plenty of descendants in the American South. Also descendants in Donegal.
One contacted me a few years ago. He was a Catholic and not happy about his
descent from these Scots. Ah well. The shoe is often on the other foot as

Dunkin is the phonetic equivalent of Duncan. They are pronounced exactly the
same. There was no such thing as correct spelling of surnames in English
till quite recently....esp. when most of our ancestors were barely literate.
You gotta wonder how they got on spelling Athanasius!!!! These Duncans tended
to be middle class, though, and better educated than most. Episcopalean.
Intermarried a lot with the better off (though suspiciously artistic) families
in Philadelphia -- painters and other unreliable sorts <grin>. They almost had
their SI license revoked! Descendant Joseph married three times. The second
was a scandalous marriage to the daughter of the man who ran the first ferry
across the San Francisco Bay -- Col. Gray. He had fought in the Black Hawk
War in Illinois but was b. in Queens Co, Ireland. Catholic. Big scandal, esp.
when Joseph was not such a good husband. He also got involved in a bank
scandal and got run out of town by a mob. He moved to Los Angeles, marr!
ied aga
in. He died in the early 1900s in a ship wreck off the coast of southern
England. He died, the only daughter, Rose, from his third marriage, and the
third wife. I am not sure my mother in law knows this. I just recently found out
when her grandfather died.

Linda Merle

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> I'm probably related to your ex. My father was descended from the
> Duncans. I looked for a Seth but did not find in my line. Patrick Duncan
> married Mary Nettleford was from Aberdeen born 1649 died in Anne Arundel
> Maryland. The interesting story about my family .. it is said that the
> South the Duncans came the more likely their name changed to DUNKIN. So
> ancestor, Abel DUNKIN JR
> was buried in Perry County, Alabama.
> :) Nannette
> "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."
> --- On Fri, 10/17/08, <> wrote:
> Typical was my ex's ancestor, a Seth Duncan, who left Donegal with two
> brothers in the 1750s (if I recall right).
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