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Subject: Re: [S-I] Whiskey galore
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 19:46:32 +0000

Hi Boyd, I hope someone can enlighten us on the American rye....I'm from the "Whiskey Rebellion" zone, a bit to the north. I believe we were still using wheat, but I could be mistaken there too. My only experience with illegal brewing was making hard cider on the window of my college dorm.

It's the possum (etc) recipes that get gross .... not a little garlic. Though you are right, our ancestors were not into seasoning. My mother doesn't use garlic or anything either. Now my brother has married an Italian. That has changed things. She brings different kinds of food (actually other than me, the veggie, whose food no one else eats, no one else brings food as my sister can't cook, so my rich brother usually orders a pre-cooked turkey meal at the local supermarche that everyone can criticize without offending anyone.....parents are in their 80s. They can't cook but they can sure criticize....).

If any of my own ancestors distilled anything, they had the sense to not tell anyone as otherwise they'd have been excommunicated from the Covenanters. That might explain how come they got to be Methodists, come to think......

Distilling is an art that still lives on, but around here it's the Italians who grow grapes in their backyards and make wine in their basements that you gotta watch out for. Or seek out, depending......

As has been said before, our ancestors didn't write much, so any letters are very precious. Thanks for the lead on the latest book.

> across the Atlantic. Now there is a new addition to the oeuvre. Gary T
> Hawbaker has written a fascinating book based on the letters written to and
> by just one man, William McKnight of Burt and Ramelton, wo immigrated to
> Lancaster County, Pennsylvania between 1796 and 1826.
> I must have dozens if not hundreds of "cousins" in the States because

If they came in the 1770s chances are there's possibly hundreds of thousands. Working on this here never ending McAmis project, three Tyronese brothers, dropped off by the UFO in Virginia about 1770s, each had between 9 to 12 kids. One didn't do so well. Most of his ended up living together into their old age, but the one that we know married produced a huge number of progeny and ditto. The other two had many more who produced large families. I am just trying to get over the 'hump' -- otherwise known at 1850, when it becomes easier due to censuses which list everyone -- but wow, it's mind boggling. In the end, I shall know as they're in the database, which'll tell me.

> Hey, maybe it was the rye? Was Jack Damiels really that much better than
> Bushmills?

I prefer Bushmills, myself. The Jack Daniels stuff is just too raw. I still recall the terrible day I first drank a Guinness in a pub, then stupidly downed a Samuel Adams...ARRRRG! Rotgut. Sorry, America...... I don't like Scotch either.....

> Or had they heard about the delights of possum on Thanksgiving
> Day? Tee hee.

I suspect they put possum piss in the beer over here, myself..... I once opined that a local PA beer, being sold and drank in California as some kind of gourmet beer, had no taste at all (It also comes from 'spring water' that is actually coal mine seepage....I have been the the lovely hometown of said beer.....). Anyway my companion informed me that some people like beer that has no taste. He is clearly right as it was selling in huge volumes to the California yuppies. He did not disagree that it had no taste. Color wise .....a little yellow -- due to the possum piss and coalmine seepage.

I don't recall much at all from a Christmas in California in which we conducted a scientific experiment: everyone brought a bottle of their favorite Irish cream and we tried them all. So we'll have to do it again sometime. I think I liked the Scots one....I think -- with my one remaining braincell.

Around here, they are just opening a new vodka distillery using the Pennsylvania tatter. Worse case they can sell it to the Amish as kerosene......

Linda Merle

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