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From: "Beverley Clarkson" <>
Subject: [S-I] Ephemera: one reason for leaving Ireland pre famine
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 08:52:56 -0300

I just returned from an amazing visit to Dublin, Newry and Belfast. It is so
GREEN there! I cant wait to return!

Others have wondered on this list why our ancestors left the emerald isle,
and while our moderator has provided lots of insights, I ran across a
specific reference and thought I would share it. The quote may be inexact;
my handwriting was pretty scrabbly, and of course you are only allowed
pencils in PRONI:

Source: *Extracts from the History of the Presbyterian Church in
Ireland, *James
Seaton Reed, Belfast 1867 p. 143 Vol I

" The presbytery in Ulster, despairing of enjoying their religious liberties
at home began to look out for some more forward regions abroad and directed
their attention to New England. They accordingly resolved to send a minister
as a gentleman farmer to ascertain the condition of the country and if
necessary to select a place of settlement that might be most commodiously

The persons sent on this mission were Rev Mr John J Livingston and a Mr
William Wallace. After going to Londonderry in the spring of the year 1634
and thence to Plymouth, they were delivered by various untoward
circumstances from proceeding further and they returned to Ulster in the
month of May where they found their brethren resolved to endure for some
time longer their religious privations."

I didnt have time to read more, but it clearly expresses an early motivation
for relocation.


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