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Subject: Re: [S-I] Arrivals at New Castle DE on the Eagle Wing
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 16:15:27 +0000

Hi John,

> Does anyone know where this information comes from?

No. Most likely you will have to conduct research to figure that out. Most likely the information
comes from a single source that has been published. That's because (as we learn in our very first
grade classes on immigration).....

>Are there any primary source records?

Of course not. It's before 1820 when the US gov passed a law requiring that all ships record the
immigrants. Before that in colonial days, the British law prevailed: Non British subjects had to
be noted and they took an oath of allegiance. A few things did get document and those are largely

Your first stop is Filby. See the archives for Filby (for info on Filby see our archives and ). It's now in Ancestry. I checked. It is not from a source published
and indexed by Filby.

Another source of much info is family letters, etc. To find that is often difficult. In a case I am
working on, many family details were published in a book in the 1ate 1900s that had NO sources. The
widow of the man who wrote it refused to allow us to inspect his sources. The myths this man
perpetrated have been copied over and over. If you read his several works carefully you can see
where he convinced himself that several theories he'd first put forth as speculation in earlier works
he came be believe fully himself --- without any evidence or proof. (I have this same problem!!).

So you should start checking published family histories, working back in time, hoping the person
had had a letter or some evidence, documented it and preserved it somehow. It is very exact info,
but then, in my family my great aunt gave the wrong name for the ship that brought her from Scotland.
People make mistakes. That's why we need documentation of sources.

You might want to do some checking at the state archives. For a free course on American
immigration you can't beat -- you can pay good money and get
far less. But it doesn't deal with the specifics of Maryland.

If you try to locate the origin of the information, it could be a long search. That's my experience.
It's not too probable that you'll find someone on a list that has done that research. You should check
PERSI for articles published that prove or debunk the 'received history' of this line. That's what folk
do -- they don't lurk on lists. They publish when they got something good to say.

What we got on lists are a lot of people who often are unaware of how to find articles relevant to
their families. They may be relying entirely on junk vacuumed off the internet that is based on 100 year
old compiled research that was debunked 25 years ago. But you should be able to find articles via
PERSI. This index is at your LDS FHC and at ancestry.

Linda Merle

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