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From: "Betty" <>
Subject: [S-I] KERR families from Ireland
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007 07:57:59 -0500

Hi Jean,

Just wanted to mention that many KERR families left Ireland and migrated to
Canada in the early 1800's ! My ancestors included !

There was a family-group of KERR and HENDERSON relatives who migrated in
1823 and were heading to towns in Quebec Province. They ended up in
Argenteuil County, where descendants remain today !

They had many children and thus had many descendants. My KERR /
HENDERSON couple were born there in 1827 and married there in the 1850's,
but moved over to Compton County later on.

Other KERR families came to Quebec Province but went to different parts.
We think that some which went directly to Compton County were somehow
related, but we can't prove it.

(No researcher has been able to find out who the parents were back in
Ireland in the late 1700's ! So, we can't find out how all the people were
related.) (I believe they came from the northern part of County Sligo.)

There is a List for "the former Township of Gore" in Argenteuil County.
I've belonged to the List for several years, but I don't recall the
McCONNELL surname being mentioned.

My KERR great-grandfather migrated down to MA in the late 1870's, and his
younger siblings and their parents came down in the 1880's, etc. His
KERR / HENDERSON mother had a sister who also married in Argenteuil County
who first migrated to Vermont and then also came down to MA. Probably
othe Argenteuil descendants did, also, and many moved to Ontario Province !

(Other KERR's went to the Maritime Provinces, initially, and I don't know
where they went from there.)

Betty (near Lowell, MA, USA)

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