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Subject: [S-I] DNA Project: McKean, McLea, McArthur, McCarter, Gay, McGay,Henry, McQuilkin (etc)
Date: Sat, 04 Nov 2006 00:13:13 +0000

Hi folks,

The Irish Heritage DNA Project ( has issued a press release today here:

I've pasted it in below to put it into the archives in case someone in the future searches for these surnames. It is seeking men for DNA testing to determine if they descend from the family of Duncan Mor McCane who lost its titles and lands circa 1480 to 1500. Many clansmen are believed to have migrated to Ireland as Gallglach or galloglass soldiers. The word means foreign soldier. Many Scots of the western isles went to Ireland to fight for the Irish septs as mercenaries. A few also fought in Queen Elizabeth's troups. Many remained, starting dynasties of their own, such as the McSweeny clan. As the result of one dynastic marriage, as many as 10,000 are believed to have come with the bride. All this before the plantations in the early 1600s.

If you want to know more, read below. If you can help, contact Barra at . I suspect he wouldn't mind if you forwarded the URL to anyone who might be a descendent. (I got McLays/McCleas, etc, so I belong to the bigger clan myself but am a might short of Y chromosomes...) And thanks for helping to map the DNA of our ancestors.

Linda Merle (SI Admin)

PRESS RELEASE - 3 November 2006
Mid-Argyle and Isles DNA Research Project
DNA testing has located and reunited several of the grand ole families of the West Highlands and the Isles. Recently DNA testing located several families that descend from the Glencoe Mac Eain and the Ardnamurchan and Islay Mac Eain families. There is a new research project that will examine and try to find the descendants of several well known mid-Argyle and Isles families.
This new project is built around the man named Duncan Mor MacCane who lived in the middle to late 1400s in the lands of Kilmichael Glassary some four miles north of Lochgilphead. Among the ruins of this early Christian centre which is linked to nearby Dunadd is the most amazing sculptured stone. The inscription on the stone reads in Latin, Hic iacet Duncanus Mor McCane (Here lies Duncan More MacCane). The carved stone itself has a Gallglach type sword surrounded with an intertwining design and carved animals, and is considered by some to be the finest example of late Medieval Gaelic stone art.
Based upon on going research certain families in the mid-Argyle and southern Isles area are being asked to help in this project by their participation in DNA testing seeking to locate the family of Duncan Mor McCane. This family lost their titles and lands circa 1480 to 1500 and it is believed many migrated to Ireland to become part of the Gallglaigh there. Others would have migrated to Islay or Bute and a few would have remained in the mid-Argyle area.
The surnames associated with this family are McKane, McKean, McLea, McArthur, McCarter, Gay, McGay, Henry, McQuilkin, and all these names have many variations and spellings in their anglicised forms. Men with these surnames are asked to contact the project.
This project is being conducted by the Ulster DNA Project which handles research in the Gallglaigh clans that migrated from Argyle and the Isles to Ireland.
Interested parties should contact:
Barra McCain
Ulster DNA Project
phone: 662 236-4753 (USA)
Issued by IHDP - Austin Rock

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