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Subject: Early PA Map 1760 and some other stuff
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 20:52:56 +0000

Hi folks,

Here's a website that has a map of PA in 1760. It shows the location of various forts used in the French and Indian (Seven Years) War and shows major migration routes. Scrooollll down!

Here's the story of a family massacre in Maine in the late 1600s:

And the abduction and massacre of the Jemison (Jamison) family in Adams Co, PA in 1755. One daughter was adopted by the Senecas and lived among them the rest of her life. This is her tombstone:
Memory of
The White Woman
Mary Jemison
Daughter of
Thomas Jemison & Jane Irwin,
Born on the ocean, between Ireland and
Phila., in 1742 or 3. Taken captive at
Marsh Creek, Pa. in 1755 carried down the
Ohio, Adopted into an Indian family. In
1759 removed to Genesee River. Was
naturalized in 1817.
Removed to this place in 1831.
And having survived two husbands and five
Children, leaving three still alive;
She Died Sept 19th 1833 aged about ninety-
One years,
Having a few weeks before expressed a hope
Of pardon through
The counsel of the Lord that shall stand.
Linda Merle

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