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From: "Jane Miscavich" <>
Subject: RE: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V05 #228
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 15:51:35 -0500
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The Douglas DNA Project is in the process of establishing the DNA profile of
Willem de Duglis (1174). Once we have established this we will be able to
tell any Douglas male whether or not he is directly descended from Willem
through the male line. This is very useful for family historians because it
verifies the paper records. Knowing Willem's YDNA profile will also tell us
more about whether or not he was descended from Vikings.

We can also differentiate between the various lines of Douglases, such as
the Morton Douglases, the Hamiltons, the descendants of the Earls of
Queensberry, by looking at the various mutations that have occurred along
the descent from Willem. This will be of enormous value to the Douglases who
have lost their connections to the Old Douglas lines. It will greatly narrow
down their search for the connections.

To do this we need to test 2 men who are known to descend from Willem. These
men will have the same YDNA profile as Willem himself, except for a few
mutations which have occurred along the way. We have one person tested
currently, but need one more who is known to descend from Willem.

Similarly, to identify the various lines we need as many Douglases with
known lineages to do the DNA test as possible. This will allow us to
identify the mutation characteristics of the various sub-lines.

You can check the Douglas DNA Project website for more information:

All surname Projects can offer testing at $99 per person. If your surname
does not have a Project started, the testing is $159. During this holiday
season, FTDNA is offering anyone who applies before December 31 a $30 gift
certificate. I am a Douglas descendant and I'm trying to encourage more
Douglases to participate because we can't get the information we need unless
we get more people. Right now we only have 11 tested. Many other surnames
have 70 and 80 participants.

Jane (Douglas) Miscavich


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