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From: "William Pease" <>
Subject: Xmas reading and my Beatties
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 13:11:13 -0500

Thanks, Brian, for the excellent reading list. There are at
least three books on your list (Cromie, Perceval-Maxwell, &
Robinson) that I must read immediately. I'm trying to
understand and trace my mother's Beattie family from the
Scottish lowlands and borderlands to Ulster, probably in the
early 17th century (just conjecture), thence to Newbliss in
County Monaghan where I found record of them in 1830 and
from where they emigrated to Quebec, Canada, in 1838, then
to the United States in 1870. Were they Reivers when they
were in Scotland and possibly expelled to Ulster? Gosh, I
hope so because that will spice up the family history, won't

I'm fortunate to live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, which
has both a private college (Franklin and Marshall College,
what could be more American?) and a public university
(Millersville University of Pennsylvania), and both of them
have fine libraries. I worked in the first and my wife
worked in the second, both as librarians. Now we can access
their library catalogs online: ain't this technology stuff

Thanks for your fine booklist.

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