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From: "Linda Merle" <>
Subject: Re: [Sc-Ir] Apology for asking for traditions
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 12:26:50 -0800

Hi folks,

There's no need to apologize for asking about traditions. The list is not "Just" about genealogy as old timers will atest.
It's safer though.....less likely to start a war. The SI appear to be about as 'user friendly' as a nest of porcipines <grin>. As old timers will atest. I think it says something
to that affect in the rules that no one reads, including me or I'd know!!

A traditions thread at least clears the list of grouches, at least temporarily, and excepting myself, the supreme grouch, who is stuck here till one of YOU volunteer to be list admin.
Thar's a good side to everything.

It'll get REAL quiet very soon as everyone leaves for the holidays so those who like chats enjoy now. Later those who like silence can enjoy. Those who want genealogy -- start a thread and then we'll have a thread. It's like TV: if you don't turn it on, it don't work. You turn it on with a post.

Me, I'm working on footnotes and bibliography formatting. WOW is that boring.

Linda Merle (SI Admin and supreme grouch)

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