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From: "Ulster Ancestry" <>
Subject: Another elusive Scots-Irish
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 22:16:11 +0000
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Hello Julie Ann,

Your "Wellingstown" sound remarkably like "Waringstown" which is in County
Down ,
Parish of Donaghcloney.On a map is just east of the town of Lurgan and

best regards

>Subject: [Sc-Ir] Another elusive Scots-Irish
>Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 11:03:56 EDT
>Hello list: Feel like tackling yet another elusive Scots-Irishman?
>Edward Parks was born somewhere between 1856-1863 in "N. Ireland" according
>to the 1910, 1920, 1930 US censuses, his death certificate and his marriage
>license. Of course, also on those same censuses, he was 50 in 1920, 50 in
>and 50 when he died in 1934. According to his naturalization papers, he was
>born in 1856 ... according to his marriage license, he was born in 1863.
>(Mathematically challenged, to say the least or else he tapped into Ponce
>de Leon's
>Fountain of Youth.) His naturalization papers state he arrived at the Port
>New York on 15 July 1886 -- he's not on any immigration list anywhere, even
>boats that arrived on that date. I checked the Canadian lists, thinking he
>might have snuck over the border and also checked Baltimore, Gulf Coasts,
>Philadelphia and San Francisco as well as checked into Australia in case he
>their first in chains. Nada. Nowhere. Maybe he rowed across.
>To complicate matters, he stated on his marriage certificate that he was
>"Wellingstown, N. Ireland" Turns out there isn't any such place. There
>four different streets named "Wellington" in Belfast, there was a farm
>"Wellington Lodge" in County Down, and there is a Wellington townland in
>Tipperary which I've discarded entirely because he was always careful to
>"North of Ireland" as if it were an important designation to him. There is
>"Warrington" in Northern Ireland...could that possibly sound like
>"Wellingstown" to an untrained American ear if said in a broad Ulster
>I assume he was a Protestant because a) "Parks" is an English name
>originally, b) all the Parks families I've found in Ireland were
>Protestants and c) all
>the Parks families I've found in Scotland were Protestants. But he married
>Irish Catholic woman in a Baptist Church in New York, raised all his kids
>Catholic and is now buried in a Catholic cemetery.
>His father was Samuel Parks, his mother Elizabeth McAvoy/McEvoy or
>I can't start writing away for church records when I have no idea where to
>look. Any guidance/thoughts will be much appreciated.
>Julie Anne Parks
>Searching: Parks, Finley, Doherty, Donnelly, Flynn, McAvoy, Mahoney
>Hettrick, Cassidy, Donahoe, Donahue, Timmons, Winrow

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