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From: "John Polk" <>
Subject: RE: [Sc-Ir] Re: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V05 #160
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 17:9:6 -0400

I remember seeing a quote of this sort some years ago on a placard or card
you could buy in the gift shop at Valley Forge. However, as I recall it
said Scots not Scotch-Irish. I was not into history or genealogy at the
time and didn't relate to the quote, but remember being curious about what
Scots he was talking about. I thought is related to a more specific unit
in the Army that was attached to Washington for his personal defense. If I
have a chance to get back there I will look for it again.

John Polk

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> Date: 9/9/2005 2:50:55 PM
> Subject: RE: [Sc-Ir] Re: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V05 #160
> Interesting. I had it in two locations, one being - Surprise! - a
> Billy Kennedy book. The other was the website
> where it appears
> unattributed, other than the vague reference to Valley Forge.
> Thanks for enlightening me and sorry for the red herring.
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> No, the George Washintgon quote does not work. As Richard MacMaster,
> who forwarded the original query to this list, knows, the Washington
> quote is not an authentic one. Having frequently seen it in popular
> historians (e.g. the books of Billy Kennedy) a couple of years ago I
> tried to track it down by contacting the editors of the Washington
> Papers at the University of Virginia. They could find nothing that
> resembles it among the vast assemblage of Washington material.
> The quotation seems to go at least as far back as W F Marshall's _Ulster
> Sails West_ sixty years ago, but I have never a citation of its original
> source. Thus, it seems to me that the quote is probably partially, if
> not wholly, apocryphal.
> MacMaster did a piece for the _Family Tree_ newspaper a year or so ago
> in which he speculated that he had found a quotation attributed to
> Washington that was the germ of the more familiar one, but that it was
> several alterations removed from it.
> Or has anyone actually seen a cited original source for the quote from
> Washington's one writing?
> Is there any good evidence that Washington ever used the term
> "Scotch-Irish"?
> Michael Montgomery

--- John Polk
--- Havre de Grace MD

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