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Subject: RE: [Sc-Ir] Re:More on HURRICANE
Date: Sat, 3 Sep 2005 05:39:04 -0700

It is a real joy to see people pull together. This can bring the best and
the worst out in people. I heard in Memphis, they also are providing their
own homes to strangers. I am very impressed with the goodness that is in
people's hearts :)

Mary Lou Tannich

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Subject: [Sc-Ir] Re:More on HURRICANE

There are other things that you don't see on the national news, and it is
not all bad news.
I live in Austin, TX. We currently have close over 800 people from the
New Orleans area living here. Many left before the storm and have been
7-10 days.
I belong to an e-mail list that has set up a list of people, who are
willing to house families. Hundreds have signed up to do this. The Red
will not work to help with the housing effort because of the legal issues,
is understandable. People in Austin are driving over to the shelter and
taking people home with them. The people from New Orleans are very
grateful for
the help and are now thinking they might want to stay and live in our city.

One of our local industries has provided jobs. We don't need as many city
buses on the weekend as we do during the week, therefore a caravan of our
buses left today to go to New Orleans for more. The same thing is
in San Antonio and Dallas and many cities in between.
An individual resident of Austin donated $10,000 to the Red Cross today.

Everyone I talk to has made a financial donation. Children are giving
allowance. Complaining will not get us anywhere. Choose what you will do
and do it.
Austin, TX

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