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From: "Kathy Kirk" <>
Subject: RE: [Sc-Ir] Loyalists
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 17:56:54 -0500
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There is a book by Murtie that has some information on Loyalists of the
Southern Campaign, but that may not be the exact title and I'm not sure how
VA would have been categorized in relation to it. Lots of S-I. I might
suggest that we need to remember that it wasn't really a matter of
"patriotism" to these folks. What they legally belonged to was Britain!
They may have frankly been revolutionaries, however, and, as was said, about
1/3 were.

Many S-I held their land by grant from the British King. They feared, with
some justice, that their land would be forfeit if they joined the "rebels"
and lost -- regardless of their political beliefs. The net result was that
a big bunch of folks tried to stay out of it as long as possible, but may
have had some service with the colonial (British) militia. At this point,
many (most?) of us have lines on both sides of that conflict. Also it's
worth noting that some "missing" links may be loyalists who did run afoul of
their neighbors either before or after the Revolution and took off for
Canada, Barbados or even Florida. Some even returned to Great Britain.
It's worth a look anyway. Kathy Kirk, Birmingham, AL

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Subject: [Sc-Ir] Loyalists

Is there a Loyalists list that I could access free?
I suspect my Stuart/Stewart family in the Sussex Co., Virginia (late 1600's)
were Loyalists.


Phyllis Stuart-Jacobson

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