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From: B M <>
Subject: Re: [Sc-Ir] Ontario Irish/Ulster Scots (Whatever!!)
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 08:48:17 -0700 (PDT)
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Here are a few other sites and articles which were
prepared by Brian McConnell on aspects of Ulster Scots
that may interest some:

Canada's Ulster Scots

Ulster Scots in Canada

The Ulster Scots Come To Canada

The Campbells from County Cavan

Brian had ancestors from Ireland who were members of
the Orange Order and also Ulster Scots, and some
others who were not. Thus his interest in researching
both sides.

He was the founder of several Rootsweb lists beginning
with the Irish Canadian Mailing List which he
attempted (unsuccessfully ) to make open to both
traditions, Protestant and RC. He later started up
the Canada Orange Mailing List in 1998, and the
Canada's Ulster Scots mailing List. This was all
PRIOR to leaving this List.

As the Archives of this list show, he even filled in
more than once as list administrator for this list for
Linda, at her request when she was away. That was
before he mentioned the unmentionable words on this
List "Orange Order" and tried to discuss the
undiscussable on this List "Orangeism."

He just returned from a family holiday in Ireland
where he viewed impressive old Methodist church
buildings in both Kinsale, County Cork and Killarney,
County Kerry which echo some of the recent
discussions. There certainly were significant
Protestant communities in dfferent parts of Ireland
and many of their members moved to Canada and the USA.
An interesting visit if you are in the west of
Ireland and have the time is King John's Castle in
Limerick which includes an audio visual presentation
on the history of Ireland that describes the role
played by both communities. Afterwards, nearby is the
Limerick Museum where you can view antiquities
including old Masonic memorabalia worn in the city by
Lodges formerly active there.

Brian McConnell

(aka "guidbillie " . When I was born my ulster
grandmother pronounced "he's another guid billie ." )

--- Linda Merle <> wrote:

> Hi Charles,
> In my role as 'bouncer' on this list, I did indeed
> remove a certain man from this list years ago.

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