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Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2005 14:06:53 +0100
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Thank you for this Brian. I think that it is important that if people are
going to be looking at the early plantation that they are aware of the
ambivalent relationships between the various components of James' Kingdom.
(and in fact throughout the entire Stewart monarchy) This lasted right up
until 1707 for Scotland and 1801 for Scotland.
Perhaps the most remembered example of one part of the Kingdom screwing the
other was when William III played a not unimportant part in the destruction
of the Scottish Darian Adventure.
The books which you mention (Which are all very good) have all been
republished. Robinson in 2000 by the Ulster Historical Foundation ISBN
0-903688-00-0. Percival Maxwell, RKP for the Ulster-Scot Historical
Foundation, 1990, ISBN 0-901915445. Dickson ([New ed.] / with a new
introduction by G.E. Kirkham, Ulster Historical Foundation, 2001 ISBN
As my Dickson is a signed copy I don't think that I'll be trading up

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Edward, I thought I would put this into general list correspondence as it
expands on the basics of the Plantation

Hi folks.

Yes Edward, you are correct of course. Not that the English Parliament/Privy
Council were that convinced of the merits or rights of anyone else eg trade
bans on Scottish produce and subsequently also in Ulster. It is an
interesting point if decisions by the English Parliament were binding on
Scotland. I think not until 1707.

That's enough for now. Real detail BUT NOT THE NAMES OF SETTLERS can be
found in "The Planatation of Ulster" by Philip Robinson , Gill & McMillan,
1984. ISBN 0-901905-62-3 - this is serious stuff, but very good. If you are
looking for some other sound reading there is an excellent book (apart from
my own of course !!) - "The Scottish Migration to Ulster in the Reign of
James I" by M. Percival Maxwell, Pub. Routledge, Keegan , Paul, 1973.
ISBN0-901905-44-5. A complementary book is "Ulster Emigration to Colonial
America 1718-1775" Ed R.J Dickson Pub, RKP, 1966. ISBN 901-905-17-8.

Phew !

Brian Orr

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