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From: "William H. Magill" <>
Subject: Re: [Sc-Ir] Researching in the published Pennsylvania Archives
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 19:23:25 -0400
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On 04 May, 2005, at 18:09, gordon crooks wrote:
> Linda:I fail to see what you think that the Pennsylvania records
> are confusing. It is in fact a vast collection and east to wade
> thru. In addition to the State Archives, most counties also have
> web site and they again are loaded with info. The state is very
> history minded, their roads are lousy and their taxes are low. I
> live in Maryland (next door to Pa.) and plan to visit on a day trip
> tomorrow I will walk the lands that my ancestor settled on in 1741
> thanks to the State of Pennsylvania translating old hand written
> maps onto modern maps.

Unless things have changed radically since the last time I looked,
very little of the Pennsylvania Archives are on-line, let alone those
of places like Philadelphia. There are indexes to much Philadelphia
material, but not the material itself. The same is true for the
records of many of the local County Historical Societies.

Don't be confused just because there is a lot of information on-line.
What is on line is probably only about 1% of the materials available!

Don't forget, the usefulness of such materials is always directly
related to what information it is that you are looking for, as well
as the time periods involved.

One of the most confusing aspects of the Pennsylvania records is
WHERE are they WHEN. Birth and Death records are not centralized. One
must pick the right archive for the dates involved.

The last time I checked, the Philadelphia archives had a pretty
decent Genealogy "pointer" section ... i.e. they try to describe
which records are where and what you have to do to access them.

William H. Magill
PM University Lodge 51, GLPA
Pennsylvania Lodge of Research
Philadelphia, PA

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