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From: "Linda Merle" <>
Subject: Re: [Sc-Ir] Chester Alan Arthur
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 10:39:44 -0800

Does anyone recall the name of the man here in Boston who
has published a book or books on the ancestry of the
American presidents?

If I were attempting to find out what is known and is
correct, I'd check him first as he's spent his life doing
this work, not just a few hours in the evening, and he's
a professional genealogist which means (in order to avoid
being stoned to death by peers and clients) he has got himself
edjeekated on how to do these thangs gooder than the rest of

One can rather quickly validate or invalidate what he's
written as he'd provide sources (as a professional) and then
move on to unknown territory which is, after all, where
we SI prefer to be.

I just can't remember his name or find it fast on the
website ( .

My only known link is by marriage to the CLINTONS
of New York and eventually Arkansas, but my link was in
Ulster around 1700. Could be related to George W as my
father's family is from the same locale in England. A chance
encounter in the back hallway with one of the staff and
voila! your blood is blue. I figure I'm related to the best
families of England as we were from Stanhope, up in the
mountains where the kings had their royal forest and you
can't hunt in the dark.

Linda Merle

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