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From: "robbie williams" <>
Subject: Re: [Sc-Ir] HO(L)MES ar Coleraine--early 1700s
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2004 22:26:14 +0000


The earliest surviving Church Registers for Coleraine are St Patricks Church
of Ireland
as follows:

Baptisms, 1769-1873; baptisms in Coleraine workhouse,
1842-78; marriages, 1769-1845; burials, 1769-1882;
vestry minutes, 1769-1816; communicants, 1818-37;


>From: "Linda Merle" <>
>Reply-To: <>
>Subject: Re: [Sc-Ir] HO(L)MES ar Coleraine--early 1700s
>Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 13:27:26 -0800
>Hi Charles,
>You asked:
> >Is there anything at Coleraine in the early 1700s that might be of help,
>such as marriages or parents of the brothers?
>No! Haven't you heard that it's impossible to trace people before 1820 in
>Ireland <grin>? There's rarely any church records before that date, but
>you always check in a very wide circle for Church of Ireland or anything
>else you can find.
>There's a lot of stuff available, especially that names Protestants. These
>are usually lists. In case you think they are a no brainer, there was a
>lecture taught a few years ago at a conference I attended on how to get the
>most out of lists, like freeholder lists.
>The fairly easy to get stuff is listed in Ryan "Irish Records", a book.
>Surfing will also turn up stuff or start at genuki: .
>Nothing of whats available lists everyone.
>There'a also local history. Local history, local history. It's very very
>Most likely you'll need to find out where they came from in the USA.
>There's lots of New England church records, family research, and such. It
>tends to be difficult for people to find because they haven't stopped to
>read about New England Research. It's by TOWN, not COUNTY. It's also on CD
>and published in books for the largest part.
>Be sure to check the website which has some
>manuscripts from the Avery collection on line -- though you must be a
>member to view them, I think.
>Check out our website for more how to info:
> .
>Best of luck as well,
>Linda Merle
>---------- Original Message ----------------------------------
>Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 15:54:07 -0500 (EST)
> >Bolton's book "Scotch-Irish Pioneers" mentions brothers Thomas HOMES and
>brother John HOMES from Coleraine. Thomas died at Dracut, Mass. 1726 and
> >John was living at Boston same time frame.
> >
> >I believe one of these brothers is my ancestor and am having a terrible
>time tracing them. Is anyone else researching this family?
> >
> >Is there anything at Coleraine in the early 1700s that might be of help,
> >such as marriages or parents of the brothers?
> >
> >thanks, Charles
> >
> >
> >

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