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From: "Linda Merle" <>
Subject: Unidentified subject!
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 11:52:51 -0800

Hi Scotch-Irishers,

Hope you are as snowed in as me. If you aren't, don't tell me about it as I am grouchy enough already.

I found a family history of Robert Temple, who is the proprietor of a Scotch-Irish settlement in Maine. He originated in Cork, though I've seen his origins as English.

He was apparently born in 1691 and was a captain in the Irish army before coming over to Boston. He eventually died in Woburn, MA, and is written about in the History of Revere.

In 1718-19 he brought -- what else! FIVE SHIPS [no doubt full of groups of 3 and 5 brothers], from Ulster in an "attempt to found a colony called Temple Bar (now Bath, Maine). Dummer's Indian War broke up this colony."

"Temple was of a distinguished family in Ireland, and the ancestor of the numerous and respected family of the late Lt. Governor Thomas L. Winthrop of Boston, who married his grand-daughter Elizabeth Bowdoin. He was a Tory in the Revolution. " Apparently the family once held the baronetcy of Stowe and so were once minor English nobility.

Temple apparently also had a farm near Worcester, another settlement of Scotch-Irish. is the URL.

Everything in this post might be wrong as I just found it on the Internet. Article appears well sourced, however.

Linda Merle

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