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From: Merje94 <>
Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] Re: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V03 #10
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 16:42:51 -0500
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Charles A. Wyly wrote: <There was no such thing as dual citizenship in
U.S and any other country or Potentate.>

Actually there is such a thing as dual citizenship. My spouse and I, both
U.S. born, were stationed in Germany when our last two children were
born. They were issued both German and US State Department birth
certificates. We had until age 14 ( I think. This was in '69 and '71) to
decide which country the children would hold citizenship for. If we did
nothing by that time, the citizenship automatically reverted to U.S.
only. They referred to it as dual citizenship until that time. We did
nothing and had no problem when our son, at age 18, enlisted in the
military; although had to show all documents relating to his birth. It
could be that it doesn't happen that way today, 34 years later.

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