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Here is part of our Barns-Barnes early history
as recently found. William, son of Nathaniel
Barnes and Annis ____, m. Mary Alexander.
of Harpswell, Maine. Mary's ancestor is
belived to be David Alexander ot Topsham
Maine. He was born in 16__ and died 1722.
He came to America on Robert Temple's
boat, one of at least five chartered to bring
English and Scotch to the new colonies.

David Alexander was from Ulster, Ireland,
of the Scotch-Irish Colony of Robert Temple.
David was shot to death by Indians while
tending his fields. The name of his wife is
not stated. David, the father, was killed during
the Fourth Indian or Lovewell's war 1722-
1725. The area was abandoned due to
the Indians devestation of the area and killing
of settlers. Most written record of the time
was burned. The area was not again settled
until 1730-1731.

A Dr. James McKeen, made notes of the history of Brunswick, Maine, and adjoining
towns. He related that the majority of the
families who came to America with Robert
Temble and William Boyd had resided in
Coleraine, County of Londonderry, Ireland,
having be in engaged in farming and ship
carpenting. Thirty year before, during the
reighn of James 2nd, 1865-1688, these people
left Scotland in search of greater freedom, and
it is not unlikely that in 1689 ancestor David
Alexander was on one of the valiant defenders
of Londerry, Ireland, who rather than surender
to the minons of the King who had made them
miserable in their native land, preferred to live
for two months on the flesh of horses, dogs,
and rates. Among the officers in the memor-able siege was Lt. Colonel William Campbell,
the great-great-great-grandfather of David
Alexander's great-great-grandchildren.

The children of David Alexander, as far known:

1. William Alexander, brn 1706, Ireland. dd.
Topsham, Maine, after 1773 (some say
dd. 2 Aug. 1778 at 73 yrs. Came to America
with his father in famous Robert Temple
Colony in 1718. Moved from Topsham to
Harpswell, and was prominent man. M.
Jennett Wilson, who died after 1773. She
was dau. of James Wilson of the Temple

2. James Alexander, brn Ireland, 1706,
died Topsham, Maine, "advanced in years."
Name of his wife not preserved in the old
records. Children mentioned:
i. Robert Alexander
ii. William Alexander**
iii. Margarent Alexander, m. Robert
Gower of Topsham, Maine.

**William is father of Mary Alexander who m.
Henry Barnes. Their oldest son, Nathaniel,
m. Janes Blanchard, des. Pierre Blanchard
of Normandy who fled to England 1600'S

Nathaniel and Jane are my great-great grand-
parents of Springfield, Penobscot Co., Maine.

If any one has record of David Alexander, Robert Wilson, Robert Temple, we would
appreciate their contact.

It is my understanding the one of Temple's
ships took a terrible beating and limped into
Boston, where a petition was filed to allow
disembarkment or repair. But many of the
early records of the area were destroyed by
fire due to Indian incursion and little else about
him has been uncovered.


Eugene V. Barnes
Costa Mesa, CA

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