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Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] Fw: Crockett
Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 10:23:26 -0700

Hi Lee,

Just from looking at the distribution of Crocketts in IGI I would
guess it has multiple origins. It makes perfect sense that
French coming into Britain would end up with their surname
anglicized to an existing British surname. So I suspect some
Crocketts were Huguenot. This would be very easy to prove
since most Huguenots are well documented. Then there's a
bunch not in a place you'd expect to find French Huguenots -
Scotland. Normans went there but with a few exceptions that I am
sure someone will remind us of, the economy in Scotland didn't
attract large settlements of Huguenots. I researched that briefly
because I have a Scottish surname that you'd swear is French:
Baptie. It ain't, it's Scottish, says Black.

CROCKETT IS in Black as a Scottish surname. Appears early, seems
associated with the gentry, so might even originate as Norman.
Donno.....Black is convinced the origin is local. The Galloway
name Crockett, he says, is from MacRiocaird (son of Richard).
There's other early instances remote from Galloway. He thinks those
are from some local placename.

This is why there are a lot of Crocketts in Ulster (see Tithe
Applotment or IGI). It's next to Scotland.

Not having looked at the case for the French origin, can't
make a judgement call.

But it shows how complex Scotch Irish research can be! There
were a lot of Hugeunots who migrated to the Carolinas. Maybe some
were named Crockett. In any case, it would be weird if an
Ulster Crockett family didn't emigrate and end up in the Carolinas.
There some melting occured. In any case all the French assimilated
into American. And maybe some into "Scotch Irish".

So much of what I know (or think I know...hehe) I've learned
on this list in debates like this.

We just gotta remember what Davy said:

"Don't shoot! We're coming down!"

Linda Merle

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