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Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] Re: Scotch-Irish-D Digest V02 #134
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 07:37:05 -0700

Hi Mike, I'm with you on the lack of standardization of spelling.
Folks don't have to believe me though. That's covered in most
beginning genealogy classes including freebees on the INternet
as well as in the beginning essays of the definitive surname
books (Black for Scottish, Reaney and WIlson for English,
McLysaght for Irish, Bell for Ulster surnames). I only mention
it because otherwise the list devolves into a bunch of bullies
bullying one another and boring everyone else.How does an innocent
person figure out whose email is worth saving? CHeck the experts is
how, innocents. The experts are on the webpages -- but now it's
hard to find your way through them....I need to do a roadmap of
the website or index the whole thing.(with software, folks).

My favorite story is a ancestor in the early 1800's, a school
teacher, who spelled his surname THREE WAYS in his will.

>As for your Craighead landing in space craft,my gr gr gr grandmother,
>Margaret Abbott has recorded in censuses that she was born in South
>Carolina, New York, New Jeresy, England, Scotland, and Ireland. She has a
>daughter and two gr-grandchildren born in Canada and if the family story is
>true she is Cherokee.

Yesterday the ancestry newsletter (free) had an interesting article
on how to evaluate births in various documents. It's not uncommon
to have confusion over birthplaces.

What is interesting about the Crockett Controversy is how few folks
did bother to identify their source. A sign, right off the bat,
that there's a problem.

From looking at IGI I can see there were indeed Crocketts in Ulster,
but this doesn't mean that some were not in Cork or that some were
not Huguenot. As we speak, newly arriving Americans are having their
hard to pronounce and spell surnames anglicized into American

Thank heavens for DNA research -- we can now know if the Davy
descendents are related to the Antrimites or to my ex husband
(family also from southern France).

Just don't shoot! I'm coming down!!

Linda Merle

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