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Subject: [Scotch-Irish] Ballymena
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 13:36:56 EST


Thanks for your input. Too bad Belfast Newsletter index only goes to around
I'm trying to verify a family story regarding the death of William Millar and
his wife Jennie O'Neill (said to be a descendant of Lord O'Neill, but again
what O'Neill wasnt) who were living in the Ballymena area Not sure which
parish yet, sorting out many Wm's there. Story goes they were killed during
a religious confrontation sometime in the mid 1840's to early 1850's. I'm
heading to SLC Tuesday and will check the Poor Law records and MI's for the
Belfast Newsletter does list several names between 1797 and 1800 who are
involved in the troubles of that time. Will take a look through MS
Have been in touch with Ballymena library in the past, but would try to
narrow down the time frame before requesting a lookup in their newspaper
archives. Maybe I will have a bit of luck this time.
Was also given some info regarding O'Neill Newsletter. Trying to track down
an index covering several years. Do you know if one exists?
in Illinois

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