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From: "rachel.dysart" <>
Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] Map Cracks
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 10:07:43 -0000
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Hundreds of dollars? Gosh that's enough for the whole of Ireland
I can understand your frustrations but it is 2 different governments
here, 2 different mapping organisations, in 2 different countries.
Would American maps near the border show parts of Canada?
You could always write to then OS and suggest some cross border

OSNI Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland
Dept of Environment
Colby House
Stranmillis Court
Belfast BT9 5BJ

Ordnance Survey Office
Phoenix Park

I take it you are interested in the Laggan Presbytery (Lagan is the
river on which Belfast stands) and my understanding is that this
equates roughly to the parish of Taughboyne - not that you'll find
that on the OS maps either.
Just to make you really envious the OS agency in England has put a
Victorian map of England Wales and Scotland on line and you can find
your ancestors farm, mansion - whatever.
They will even produce an historic map of your particular area.
I did suggest to OSNI that they did something similar and they
pleaded lack of funding.

Rachel Dysart

> I have got a mad on. A legitimate bitch. I have hundreds of
> invested in the Discoverer Series Ordinance Survey Maps. Map 6 of
> Ordinance Survey of Ireland, Donegal, doesn't go far enough east and
Map 7 of
> the Ordinance Survey of Northern Ireland, Londonderry, doesn't go
far enough
> west. I want 6 1/2!
> The cartographers need to take a lesson from the politicians and
learn to
> straddle.
> Or do Ulster politicians not straddle? I want bowlegged politicians.
> Where is the Ulster Historical Society? We need maps on historical
> principals that would show this Lagan area on one 17th century map
> irrespective of the current political boundaries. The Republic map
is worst
> of all. It has the boundary up the middle of the Foyle and then
when the
> boundary cuts to the north, everything east of the line looks like
> fallen off the flat earth. Is it asking too much to see Raphoe and
> Londonderry on one 1:50.000 map? I guess so.
> I got research to do. I want to pound my fist on someone's desk.
Where is
> Rob Davidson when you need him?
> jcmaclay

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