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From: "Mary Lander" <>
Subject: Re: [Scotch-Irish] LDS Family History
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 04:46:49 -0600
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Now, you have a good idea---that of having a page to make a note of the
conflicting or "folklore" stories
we have been told by relatives about our ancestors. Considering that even
today no two people report
an event exactly the same way add to that the fact that people in the middle
1900s usually told their children some mild version of what went on and not
the actual facts----too racy, or too embarrassing, or
they just didn't talk to their children about "things like that". Plus, I
believe that some of the things that
are now questionable were opinions and not facts because those people really
didn't know themselves and
thought that they had to answer something, right or wrong. Then, too,
remember the story about the little child who was heard reciting the Lord's
Prayer and said "Harold be thy name". Do we really remember correctly what
we were told as children?

Mary McA Lander

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Subject: [Scotch-Irish] LDS Family History

> Just want to add my 2 pence.....The LDS info has been invaluable to me the
> same way the stories from the family elders have been; they have pointed
> in directions I might not have gone before...some of the info has been
> on the money, some has had a grain of truth that has gotten blown way out
> proportion and some is just downright fiction....I think it was Linda who
> pointed out that no matter WHERE you get your info you have to check your
> sources....even your mother could be wrong (sorry mom).....I have found
> wrong info on the internet than correct info; GEDCOMs with babies born 5
> months after the date of mother's death, etc....I keep a page in each of
> family books for "folklore"; stories that may or may not be true but
> no way to prove it and everyone in the family has been telling it for
> years......Genealogy without documentation is mythology (thanks Linda:-)
> Elizabeth
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